Sunday, January 25, 2009

Music Monday

An album I have been loving lately:

The Great Lake Swimmers, Ongaria

Obviously music must emit a sound that is joyful to my auditory receptors before I can embrace it, but music has so much power beyond the sound it generates. I've found that for me to really love a song or album, it has to have some other elements as well. It has to speak to me. It has to give my soul a reason to connect with it. I've always been very drawn to lyrics, so well written words are a must. Take some intelligent and poetic lyrics and mesh them with well written music and you've struck gold to me.

This Great Lake Swimmers album does both. It's mellow & emotionally charged. I am tempted to say that it is easy listening because it is music that is low maintenance, or doesn't demand your attention, but let's be frank, if I throw out the phrase "easy listening," all you are going to think about is Michael Bolton or Perry Como. So let's just say that it's a pleasant listening experience without being overly anything.

I don't die over every song on it, but I do die over Your Rocky Spine. It is that sensual tune that you wish your boyfriend/husband/lover wrote because he was inspired by you.


leslieluvly said...

K, I know you originally told ME to check out this band, and I followed orders and had it downloaded within the minute. A few months passed and I asked if you had this particular album. I believe you had forgotten about them and I awakened your senses to the magical qualities in their sound, especially with this song. So, can I get a shout-out for inspiring the topic for this uber-cool review?

Your musical taste is spot-on, sista. Delicious.

dove said...

Yes, as always, everything cool came to me via you. Thanks for being such a good muse.

Whitney said...

I want to hear the rest of the album, I really like this song.