Saturday, January 24, 2009

Dove and Mavis

We Chirp is the collaboration of two very ordinary lasses who have an appetite for all things cool and want spread the love. By ordinary we mean that we are 30-something mothers who have homes that are rarely clean. Sometimes we enjoy motherhood. Sometimes not so much. Neither of us is ever mistaken for Martha Stewart. We are real, just like you and our goal with this project is to portray authenticity as we share with you the things that inspire us, make us happy or improve our existences in any way.

Mavis is wife to one, mother to 3. She rarely goes more than one day without a peanut butter and honey sandwich, but oddly no one else in her house will eat one. She has an absurd fascination with people watching, can’t live without U2, and loves to look at pretty things. She has gone one year without eating sweets, just because.

Dove is the mother of 2, wife of 1 and lover of all. Her heart swells over good music, good art, good toast, exploring every corner of her home planet, dissecting & understanding human behavior, & anything coconut flavored. She is also television challenged, which is to say that she doesn’t have a clue what is on the networks. Ever.

And why are we birds? Well, there is great significance to the bird theme for us and we could tell you what those reasons are, but that would impair your creative reasoning. See what you can come up with & let us know!

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heather said...

I totally dig these birds.