Thursday, February 19, 2009

Shout out

A few weeks ago, when the idea of this site was just a bird trapped inside an egg, I contacted Lyndsay and begged and bribed her to help us with our brand. Can I just say, never a nicer girl have I ever met. This is the world wide web for goodness sakes. She is crazy talented, super speedy and pretty dang pregnant, so her energy baffles me. I've since invited her to move next door to me.

Lyndsay, thank you, thank you, thank you! We could not love our look more, are so glad to have had you help us.



Christy said...

Um yeah she's totally awesome. She just did my banners and backgrounds on my personal and food blogs and I LOVE them. She's the best!

Through the Looking Glass said...

Lyndsay's work is just a breath of fresh air; the colors, designs and overall look of this blog feels like insta-Spring. Well done.

we chirp said...

I love Linz & her mad skills!!


Dandee said...

Lots of Lyndsay love from over here. Your blog looks great!

Leslie said...

Oh, what a lovely girl!

I am totally loving what she has done for you maidens too.