Monday, March 9, 2009

Muuuuuusic Monday

If you know me at all, you know I la la la la love U2. Maybe love isn't a strong enough word. They make me happy. With the exception of 2 songs of their whole repertoire, I could listen all day, over and over again. Last week, my oldest told me we needed to get the newest album for our car - coolest kid ever. Their concerts are my happy place.

In any case, did you know that their new album dropped last Tuesday? And they were on David Letterman all week? And they have a street named after them in New York now? Did you know that Bono's real name is Paul Hewson? Do you know The Edge's real name?

Last week, the husband was out of town and I admittedly was frazzled by the end of every day but the thing I looked forward to was seeing them on Letterman. Did you see their Top Ten delivery? Classic. What else made me smile? Ellen Degeneres. She had The Bachelor host, Melissa and Jason and Molly on all last week. I digress.

Did you know that their new album dropped last Tuesday? Yeah, I said dropped, I'm cool like that. No Line on the Horizon. It takes a couple of listens, not because it isn't good, it is, but because it isn't as first listen-lovable as last two albums have been, know what I mean? Or at least, not all the songs are.

Have you heard "Get On Your Boots"? It is their first single off the album and I was not too keen on it, but the more I listen to it, I like it. But it isn't indicative of the whole sound of the album. I have a good friend who is cuckoo for coco puffs for U2 and a week or two before the album was on i-Tunes it was "leaked" onto the internet and my cuckoo friend sent it over to me
with a review of each song. I'll quote him on a couple, good and bad, because I agree completely with him (he is a kind of U2 savant).

3) ‘Moment of Surrender’ – The longest track on the album at 7:24 but that’s not a bad thing. Very easily could have been on ‘Pop’ as it reminds me of ‘If You Wear That Velvet Dress’. A slower tone and rhythm showcase Bono’s vocals and he shows his range quite well. Grade: A
4) ‘Unknown Caller’ – Another longer track here at 6:03 with a long, drawn out intro just over a minute long. Once it gets going I really like the melody. Edge joins Bono on the chorus throughout the song – very nice. Grade: A
5) ‘I’ll Go Crazy If I Don’t Go Crazy Tonight’ – So far my favorite track on the album. If this isn’t the next single released someone needs their head examined! Very classic U2-esque. Can’t stop listening to this one! Grade: A+
6) ‘Get On Your Boots’ – Heavily guitar driven by Edge but I just don’t get this one. I’ve listened to it 10+ times but just not crazy about it. It’s certainly one of the weaker 3 tracks on the album. Grade: D

See, a D, there is some honesty for you.

So what do you guys think? Have you heard it? Do you want them at your dinner party as much as I do? Or maybe I could just go to their dinner party.


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Cammy said...

Hey, thanks for the review. I've been meaning to get to this, but haven't yet.