Tuesday, April 21, 2009

5 Summer Musts to avoid make-up meltdowns!

Lucky We Chirp readers. We are being visited by Lindsay of Skylark Dawn who will be with us throughout the week. I first read her blog after she commented on we chirp. I love the look and feel of her words and blog (she is fresh and breezy, you know the type). Here is a little more about her, in her own words:
I live with my husband (biggest supporter and true soul mate) of 5 years in Minneapolis, MN with our children Ryan 7(super hero with a Mohawk) and Rhiannon 4 (pirate princess in a tutu). I am a relatively new work at home Mom that is slowly becoming domesticated and striving for work life balance, (nowhere close yet LOL). In my previous life, I was a boutique manager for a cosmetic company and a make-up artist/skin care specialist. I enjoy artistry and still do independent work (weddings, events, photo shoots, etc.), and have extended my love of beauty and fashion to my blog. Though I adore beautiful things, I find joy in being thrifty (I rarely pay full price for anything unless it is handmade), and am a stickler for quality. My frugality and DIY compulsiveness is actually what lead me to work for myself. There is always this persistent voice is my head that all too often says “You could totally save money by making that”. What it fails to say is that I don’t have the time to do everything on my own (I often get overambitious and bite off more then I can chew), but I am working on that . . . daily. To encourage myself into mastering domestic endeavors, I am in the process of creating an apron and kitchen textiles line. I figure if I have adorable domestic duds to adorn myself with, then I will be motivated to “keep house” in a more joyful way. There must be others out there that feel this way too, right?

So get set to be happy people, I think it is just her way.


Just as we shed extra layers of clothing when the temperatures rise, we should lighten up our make-up applications too! Ditching fussy routines and using products that allow your skin to breath, will help keep you from looking like a wilted flower when the temperatures spike.
After applying a light moisturizer and full spectrum sunscreen, use products like these to help beat the heat!

Skip the heavy foundation and opt for a great concealer to camouflage imperfections. I like Jane Iredale's Circle Delete (and so do Allure's editors), because it has two shades per pot that allow you to customize your color, and is chalked full of skin loving vitamins that help repair as it covers.

Need more coverage? Click here for warm weather foundation recommendations.

Ditch the highly pigmented lip lacquers and sticks and opt for a pout protecting balm or gloss instead. I like Benefit's Benetint SPF 15 balm because it's neutral rose tint provides just the right amount of color and the fragrance allows you to smell the roses, even when you don't have time to stop!

Dewy skin is in! Overly matte looks lack the luster of youthful hydrated skin. Using a finely milled, shimmery face and body powder like Bare Escentual's Precious Diamonds Beauty Duo, will help impart a sunsational glow! Try mixing a little into a body lotion and apply to legs (sheer liquid stockings!), and buff minerals through the center of the face (T-zone) and cheekbones to highlight. The Champagne color gives a sophisticated glow that doesn't scream "teen sparkle".

There is nothing quite like the perfect "pinch me" pink color to boost the radiance of the complection! 100% Pure not only nailed it with their Lip and Cheek Tint in the color Sugar Plum, but it is bursting with antioxidants (anti environmental stressor army), and the super soother skin ingredient, Shea Butter. Did I mention it is strawberry flavored too?

I am the ultimate fan of moisturizing facial mists. Not only do they help to set your make-up, but they provide much needed hydration in the most convenient of ways. I am loving L'Occitane's new Olive Tree Organic Face Mist because it's mist is not drenching and it smells divine. I wouldn't recommend this specific product for the most sensitive skins and rosacea sufferers, due to the inclusion of citrus and mint. These ingredients are stimulating and can cause redness in very sensitive people. Instead, try once of the mist recommendations here, and also see additional uses!



Christy said...

Wow these are all products that I've never heard of. Probably because I'm stuck in the 1990s with my lack-of-makeup routine. I don't own concealer, foundation or powder...I think I need to go makeup shopping sometime soon. I wish I lived near the We Chirp girls or Lindsay so I could have a guide. Sigh. But I'm noting a couple of these - the benefit balm and the dual colored concealer should probably go into my purse sooner than later... Great guest post - looking forward to reading more of her stuff!

Leslie said...

I LOVE Jane Iredale products. My mother-in-law has a skin care business, is an esthetician, and sells Jane Iredale. I am LUCKY to be on the receiving end of their fine products. Their quality is unmatched (except for Color Science...shout out to MY mother who also owns a skin care business and sells Color Science...I am one lucky girl!). I have never tried the product you listed on here though. I will have to put it on my next order. Thanks for the recommendation!

mavis said...

I use Bare Escentuals - love it. I love these suggestions. I am a big fan of anything that makes you look like you have zero makeup on but adds somehow, ya know? I am looking into these tints. Thanks Lindsay!