Friday, April 3, 2009


it's Friday. This last week has been so crazy for both Dove and I that it got to be Friday without either of us having a moment to spare. And really, I don't know that this week was any busier than a normal week, just my reaction time was off, know what I mean?

You know how it is, right? I'll give you my excuse. Last Friday David and I set out on a little road trip to spend the weekend sans kids in a warmer climate. I loved it, fun times. But you know how it is when you get home from a vacation - catch up. No matter how great your house/kid sitters are (and ours were wonderful) there is stuff to put back together. Schedules, laundry, grocery shopping and more. Add to that a sick 2 year old and a sick mama and it sets you back a bit. And you know how it is when you are a mama and sick - no rest for the weary. Actually, I did rest a bit on Wednesday. C, the 4 year old, had a play date after preschool so J, the 2 year old, and I just chilled by watching about 100 hours worth of cartoons (I dare you to judge me) - Wow Wow Wubbzy!, Max and Ruby, Scooby Doo and my new favorite, Olivia. I semi-slept and he was happier than a ... kid who doesn't normally watch that much TV.

Then add some week night must attends and a Discovery Week to plan for E, my 6 year old. Discovery Week starts off with a large poster of the star child that week in class. Luckily, his Oma helped him out with putting one together from all my pre-laid supplies in order to have it ready on Monday. His Discovery Day was today and after many ideas being shot down we settled on painted wooden Easter eggs. I make house and door plaques and a lot of the time when I am in my "studio" painting the kids have their little table set up with paint and love to create their own things. After 3 craft stores, I rounded up enough "eggs" and pre-painted them (is this getting long winded?), cut out stickers and gathered our supplies and we did his Discovery Day this morning.

E was in heaven. All eyes on him. He got to explain his poster - pics of him as a baby, at the farm, with his siblings and family. Then they get to ask 10 questions. #1. What is your favorite Pokemon? It's all about Pokemon for these kids. The questions were funny, the commentary by the kids even funnier. And then our craft. All in all, a fun day at the school. I love his teacher. How she keeps up her energy and patience all day is a mystery to me. Good teachers are a blessing - I knew I wasn't cut out for it, so I am grateful for those who are.

Now we are back home, straightening up from the morning rush, 2 year old napping and me making excuses for why We Chirp is not hosting a giveaway this week. We have a few lined up, just not ready to go. Here is a question for you - would you like to host a giveaway on We Chirp? Do you know someone who should host a giveaway on We Chirp? Contact us a , we are always up for people pushing their wares.

Ok, enough about me and my excuses. Have you ever seen this blog, ten dollar drawings? The photo from the beginning of this post is from her blog and so is this. She commissions 5x7 drawings for $10 each to support her creative habit. I love it. Have a look.


Dove said...

Mavis, where do you always find these cool things on the world wide web??

Through the Looking Glass said...

Aw, Mav. A hundred miles an hour is just the pace at which life moves; sickness, projects, trips, cartoons - they're all bumps in the ever-moving road. I here you, I'm feeling it too.

Cartoons for hours? Done it.