Thursday, April 30, 2009

Relax - Etsy Style

I know you will be glad to hear, I am relaxed. I just spent the night on a date with my dad at a concert, Dave has done all the dishes and tucked all the kids in, and I'm watching American Idol. What makes it even more relaxing? Perusing Etsy.

Sweet Petula
Relaxing and detoxing bath salts. Yum.

Raspberry Baby
Doesn't this baby look relaxed? Check out the herbal shoulder heat wrap.

Robins Egg Pink
You will rest better on a pretty pillow.

Bib Bon
Sometimes you need to dim the lights to get some R and R.


Hogans said...

Hey Whit, The Raspberry Baby Shop is one of my good vball friends from USU. She is so talented...

♥ Lindsay ♥ said...

Delicious picks! Those Sweet Petula bath salts are calling to me.