Friday, April 24, 2009

SLC to SD to SFM

Remember when I went to San Diego a couple weeks ago? I'm still enjoying the euphoria of it. I mean I stayed in an incredible home in La Jolla and in the morning when I would go for a run I would see cool things like where-the-sidewalk-ends (which happened to be on a hilltop overlooking the majestic Pacific Ocean - hard to see because I took this on my less than stellar camera phone, but the ocean is out there blending in with the sky).

I seriously wish you could have seen me as I was running - I was listening to inspiring music and when I glanced up at the ocean I threw my fists up in the air. Rocky Balboa style. I think I should be embarrassed.

Plus, I picked up this cute purse in Barstow. Only 30 bones. Real zebra skin. Not even kidding.....

And I couldn't leave without a trip to my favorite culinary market - Trader Joe's. Ohhh, how my life has been incomplete since I moved from Southern California. I always go load up on stuff when I have a chance. They have such great products. For instance:

Guacamole kit. Genious.

Here's some of the stash I lugged home with me. 7 boxes of Joe Joes. 7. (Joe Joe's are their version of Oreo's. They have chocolate frosting inside rather than sugary shortening and are much MUCH tastier). Cases of mac n cheese & chocolate covered sunflower seeds. Oh those are divine. And lest you think I should tip out the scales with all this shuga - most of the Joe Joe's were given as gifts & thank you's and all the sunflower seeds were a special request by my sister.

Well, that brings me to my next topic. I discovered a grocery store in the greater Salt Lake City area that is fairly similar to TJ's. It's called Sunflower Farmer's Market and it's just west of the Fashion Place Mall. They have great organic fruit for super cheap, great prices on quality meat and many of the same products that you would find at Whole Foods, only not ridiculously priced. It even has the same feel as TJ's. Ohh, I'm in heaven now.

You can have their flyer emailed to you and what's really great is that their weekly sales overlap so on Wednesday you can get the sale prices for 2 different weeks.

Girl - go getchyer shop on!!!



Kellie and Justin said...

I LOVE trader Joe's and don't understand why there aren't more in this world. And I am also a happy consumer of joe joes whenever i can get my hands on them...

Kristin said...

I live in Chicago and stop at TJ's 3-4 times a week! I am moving back to SLC in June and have been thinking about starting a campaign to get Trader Joe's in Utah!

Dove said...

I've seen similar campaigns on Facebook for other cities. I contend that the reason we havent' seen Trader Joes here yet is because they make a lot of money on alchahol sales & everyone knows that the only place you can buy strong drink in Utah is at the state liquor store. That's why I think they haven't ventured into our territory yet. Though I have 2 arguements against that.

1. Utahns are trendy and healthy enough that they will make up for loss of liquor sales in food purchases.

2. The Manhatten store doens't sell liquor either. COME ON!! THROW US A BONE!!!!

So, Kristen, when you start your campaign give me a buzz. You can tell I've already put a lot of thought & energy into this! :)

natalie said...

where are my joe joes?

The Rennakers: said...

Yo - I mourn the loss of Trader Joe's in my life. For therapuetic purposes, my favorite products were the individual serving bags of almonds (in a pack of 42), the delicious frozen pineapple, the frozen teryaki chicken, and the cuban style black beans. Moment of silence.

So, Colorado is in the midst of a campaign to overthrow the grocery/liquor law. I guess only one store in the chain (within the state) can house a liquor section. I think this is similar to Utah's law. It was shot down at the legislative level but comes to a popular vote soon. I'm not for more liquor sales, but if it brings TJ's to town I say let the booze flow free!
I also have discovered Sunflower's Farmer's Market here in Boulder - LUV double ad Wednesdays. Great alterntive.

MZB said...

That purse is oh so my style

Through the Looking Glass said...

I have seen this Sunflower Market and had it recommended to me but it always seemed so random and strangely situated that I never have gone in.

Not close to me, really, but I may try it. I've actually just downgraded to Walmart because I'm feeling the recession pinch. Sad day.

Leslie said...

CAN'T WAIT for my stash of sunflower seeds! And we are nearly finished with the box of Joe Joe's that I hauled back from SoCal a few weeks ago. They are divine. So supa jealous that you have that great little market in SLC. I have yet to find something sweet like that near me.