Monday, April 27, 2009

Top 5 - Relaxation Edition

Since we are discussing relaxation this week, I want to share some things with you that help me calm my anxious/seriously-pressed-for-time mind. (I'm skipping some seemingly obvious ones - yoga, hot bath, pedicure, etc)

1. Pssssssst (I hope that was the correct number of s's).

This doesn't necessarily help me relax, but is one of many small tricks in my arsenal for saving time, therefore having some relaxation time, or simply being able to not feel so rushed all the time.

A friend told me about this recently. It is found on the lowliest bottom shelf at Walgreens. It looks totally ghetto. It IS totally ghetto. But, man it saves my hide. I have long, thick hair and to wash and style it everyday requires a time commitment that I am not willing to endure. One of the best days of my life was when someone convinced me to stop washing my hair everyday. Problem is that sometimes in between washes I get that not-so-fresh feeling on my scalp. I've tried different brands of dry shampoo & really hated them. So far so good with Pssssssst (get it just so you can laugh at the name). I have dark hair, so in previous attempts to get dry shampoo, I've had to purchase dark colored formulations so I don't get white spots when I spray it in my hair. The problem is that then the dark rubs off on things & is just messy. I read that the secret with Psssssssst (oh it kills me everytime I type that) is to rub it in really well & brush it before styling.

2. Music

I love music. In fact I am wearing headphones as I type this (and listening to Yaz of all things). But when I really need some aid in calming my nerves, here is my secret weapon. Pandora. Swell Season station. Pandora, in case you don't know is a customizable internet radio station. You can tell them what music you like and they find other artists/songs that are similar. Swell Season is a band AND the title of one of their songs. That station plays great acoustic, mostly instrumental, mellow music. Chekkit out yo.

3. Running.

When I have lots of pent up energy/anxiety/frustration sometimes the best way to get rid of it is to let it seep out of my sweat glands. 'Nuf said.

4. Facebook

I don't watch TV. Ever. Or movies. But don't think that I don't have other time suckers. Facebook has made me a lazy blogger. Originally I loved blogging for helping me stay connected to people I love. Facebook provides a much simpler way to do that and it's a guilty pleasure (though I hate the new format and have been on there less since it changed).

5. This is an indulgence I keep contemplating:

For most of my life I probably would have passed judgment of people who have cleaning ladies, but man, as a single mother who works full time I'm all about getting any help I can. Mavis, you've had a cleaning lady. Is it worth it? Would it contribute to my relaxation needs?
Anyone else? Do dish.



LizE said...

Pandora is the best! I love it! Also, get yourself a cleaning lady. I have one that comes once a month to really deep clean the areas I'm not able to get to on a regular basis. You wont regret it.

♥ Lindsay ♥ said...

A good cleaning lady is indispensable. I know this not because I have one, but because my own SUPER MUM is one :) She has been cleaning since I was in grade school, and I can tell you that she still works for some of the same families from back then! She has tried to retire from the biz twice, thinking she would help my Dad with his computer biz, only to be dragged back into it because her clients beg and plead. I am not too surprised though... she had worked her magic on my own home a time or two, and all I can say is house keeper = LUXURIOUS!

suzan said...

Psssst, LOL! I've never heard of dry shampoo before. Maybe I should give it a go!

Facebook, I agree with every single word you said. In fact, I have noticed that I am back to blogging a lot more now that they changed the format.

Pandora, LOVE IT! We listen to it at work all the time (though we're not supposed to) The Micheal Jackson station rules too!

Cleaning lady, I think anyone who possibly has room in their budget should DO IT!! I've never had one, but I think of all the extra time I could spend enjoying life and how much less anxiety over cleaning I would feel would all be worth it!!!

Let me add gardening, I know some of you would disagree (Dove) but I love it! I just love to be out in my yard on a warm day with my hands in the dirt. Colorful flowers are the reward, always makes me relax and enjoy life!

Dove said...

The Michael Jackson station?!?! I'm going to have to check that out. You crack me up Suz!!

And Lindsay, see if your mom wants to pretend I'm her daughter for a little overhaul... :)

mavis said...

1. Psssssst. I need some.
2. I'm still reeling over this discovery of Dream Rice from yesterday. His voice makes my heart go thumpity-tweet-thump.
3. No running, but love to see others smile while they do it.
4. Facebook gets only one thumbs up from me. But you are quite good at it, especially your status updates.
5. Yes, yes yes!!! Even if it is once a month, all that deep down dirty cleaning just makes you resent the clutter and constant pick up a little less. Worth every penny!

I love this post Dovie.

Through the Looking Glass said...

Get a cleaning lady if you can afford one. We had one my entire life - my mother worked, so that's how she justified it because it saved her time and was worth the expense. I had one myself for about a year and I was never cheerier. It really takes that burden off the table and eliminates the resentment you feel when your kids spill on the floor you justmoppedfivesecondsago. Now someone else did the mopping, and that magically makes it different.