Tuesday, May 26, 2009

the music game rules have changed

Okay, I really need your participation on this. Please save your comment shyness for someone else's blog because I want to hear answers.

So you know the music games we play..........well, I know I play them, I assume others do as well. "What's your favorite band ever?" "If you could go to any concert, past or present, who would you see?" "If you could put together your own music festival - 3 opening acts and 5 supporting acts, who would you pick?" Blah, blah, blah. I am in the dating scene and these are make or break questions for me. I've honestly decided there was no future with one of my dates when he admitted that his favorite band ever was Def Leppard. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? There is so much beneath the surface of that answer. Nice guy, really nice guy, but there are some serious compatibility issues betwixt Def Lep & I that were revealed in that answer.

Well, here's a better question. One that can stir up some serious controversy, but I'm fascinated in people's answers.

If you could eliminate one influential band from history who would it be?

Now, there are some rules. It has to be an influential band. Brittany Spears doesn't count because she hasn't changed or shaped history. Also, remember that when you ax a band or musician, you also get rid of their influence. For instance, I first wanted to pick Elvis Presley because I don't care to listen to his music, but the dude was the king of rock. Without him the entire history of rock and roll would have been different. So choose carefully.

I said a while ago that I would tell you more about Mates of State later. Well, I have some friends who know them and went to see them perform in L.A. recently and they played this game, so I can tell you that their pick was The Doors.

Here's another Mates of State video for you to listen to while you decide. Can't wait to hear your pick.

Oh, and I will tell you my pick, but only after some other answers have rolled in. Again, I don't want to squash your creativity



Through the Looking Glass said...

I might lose the Rolling Stones. Sorry, all. Sure, they're cool and have rocked skinny jeans non-stop since the 70's, but I find a lot of their music to be too screamy for my taste. Never loved them.

Christy said...

Yeah, I don't like the Rolling Stones either. I might get rid of The Beatles...I don't like their music. But mom would be seriously upset because she (and millions of her contemporaries) love them. But that's my pick.

dove said...

Thems fightin words, Christy (told you this was controversial). THE BEATLES?!! I mean I don't LOVE them. I do like them and I give my kids Beatles lessons in the morning when they are getting ready for school - just because that is vital information they need to get along in this world. And plus, what would music today be without The Beatles? Not only music, but fashion, culture, etc.

I also like the Rolling Stones. A lot. But I'm okay with them getting axed. The Beatles though....shameful. Shameful.

But fear not. I still love your guts. :)

mavis said...

I am with Amanda on The Stones. I saw them in concert and still wasn't impressed. I could almost say Led Zeppelin, for sure The Eurythmics. Do you consider them influential? Like them or leave them, The Beatles are an epic band. Dare I say The Cure? I could definitely do without ever hearing them, sorry.

Christy said...

The Cure is still my all-time favorite band. The Eurythmics are NOT epic. Led Zeppelin is one of my favs too. And I'm not surprised my choice is seen as controversial...without the beatles, I'm sure there would have been another boy band...just not them. :)

mavis said...

I really missed out on The Cure appreciation gene. I love these opinions. And without New Kids on the Block, would there have been n'sync or backstreet? I would have to say that they made a major dent, necessary or not, in the music timeline.
Dovie, where are all your music pals on this?
And Christy, I get it, I don't l.o.v.e. The Beatles, although I do like them enough to be glad they are on that timeline.

heather said...

This is a tough one, but first I have to stomp on those who mentioned The Beatles and/or The Stones. "Blackbird" was the first song I could think of the night I brought home Liv from the hospital (a little dark I know, but I was overwhelmed and it just came out, the second lullaby was all about rye whiskey (if anyone remembers Savannah Smiles I stole it from there), so Blackbird isn't so bad... right?) and it has been a staple ever since. Second, The Stones... really? Got to give anyone props who continues after many many decades to do what they set out to do... R-O-C-K! Ever seen them live? Under My Thumb, Wild Horses, Mother's Little Helper... Good stuff, even in their sixties.
I completely agree with the Doors, but out of need of originality I thought of Queen, but where would Wayne's World be with out a little "Mama Mia, let me go"? So I settled on Pink Floyd. Granted my Daddy may roll in his grave (a super fan in the seventies), I never could ride that train. There you have it... take that!

suzan said...

It took me a while to comment here. I had to think for a bit and do a little research. Because the question of who are the most influential bands is a controversy in itself. So I looked over a few internet lists and my pick would no doubt be The Grateful Dead. I can't stand them. However, I do have to admit that their music did have a short lived turn on repeat in my cassett player. Dove, you would remember, it was you and I and a tan colored jeep! I'm pretty sure a few campfires were also involved! Lot's of my favorite bands came from that era in my life, just not The Grateful Dead :)

heather said...

duh, The Dead... good choice.

Christy said...

Oooh I have to disagree. I still listen to them all the time. Never was a true deadhead, just love their music. And I honestly can say I wouldnt have missed any of those other boy bands mentioned - they were never my style. Sorry to enrage anyone with my beatles vote, but I'm sticking with it! :)

Karyn Mann said...

All you haters of The Doors clearly never saw my famous HS Drama class pantomime of a surgical operation to the song "Break on Through." Pure theatrical genuis.
You should also know I had a pet gecko named "Jim Morrison."
To answer your first question... I believe my dream concert is happening on June 16th. Outdoor Center Stage (small space) in Central Park NYC- Indigo Girls and Matt Nathanson.

dove said...


Suz - as started reading your answer I thought "hey, what about all those nights around the campfire watching that cute Bartondas boy sing Dead songs." Ha, thanks for acknowledging that they ONCE had a place in your heart. I am sure I could do without them, but they would never make the top of my list.

People seem to be focusing on classic rock. You can choose from any genre. For example (I'm already covering my head for fear of flying objects): this is not my pick, but it is a contender...U2. Seriously. I respect them 100% as people and as musicians. They have absolutely stood the test of time. I just can't get into their music. But I couldn't choose them because I really love Coldplay. Anyway, I'm not revealing my REAL choice yet, but they are in a totally different class of music.

Mrs. Olsen said...

First of all, I'm not sure if I'm allowed to vote. The filtering of friends through music was essential in college and high school, but it's not so major to me anymore (mom of 3 and in my 30's).

That being said, before even reading your band's nixing of The Doors, I immediately thought Jim Morrison and his stupid band. I tried to be a Doors fan in high school (in fact was a Doors fan) and poetry bars were big, Doors music making a comeback with the movie, voice great. I wrote poetry all the time, and started reading J.M.'s biography. I think I lost it when I read how he really had a loving mom and dad, just wanted to go off and be a music prophet. So after years of wondering where her kid is and missing him, his mom tracks him down cuz he's starting to be famous and she goes to one of his shows. And he starts yelling "Mother, I want to F--- You!" in one of his musical rants. So that was the final red flag that said this guy is a jerk. Get over yourself and trying to be weird for the sake of fame. And get over your eternal Jim flame wherever that is Doors fans. Get rid of The Doors.

Never get rid of The Dead...esp. The Jerry Garcia Band. He has a voice like buttah. Love him.

The end.

Mrs. Olsen said...

Flying object: Dove you just got hit in the head with U2: Joshua Tree Album. Maybe that headache will make you rethink your last comment. ;)

fanmingrui said...

Dove, you gotta rethink the U2 answer, no U2 means a vastly different cathedral rock landscape which probably kills Coldplay. Also, you can't get rid of the Beatles or the Stones, that's downright blasphemous... My answer is definitely Metallica. I think of every band I don't like and most of them have been influenced by Metallica. I'm just not down with the metal/constipated rock genre...

dove said...

i never said U2 WAS my answer guys. it was just on my radar for a moment.

and fan/feig: metallica? can YOU play that fast??? haha! i think your reason for choosing them the first time we discussed this was brilliant: they are the best band in the worst genre.

mavis said...

dovie, you break my heart even saying such things. the fact that it was even on your radar. Coldplay, The Killers, many more - heavily influenced by The Edge's guitar and Bono's sound.
If we are talking heavy metal, what about Judas Priest? Black Sabbath? I understand Metallica, but then how do you sing their rock anthem in high school? And without them we would not have Van Halen (maybe) or Bon Jovi - we wouldn't have Jon to look at.

I might get shot for this, but Neil Young has never been my love. I can see the Pink Floyd option. Do I dare say Nirvana? I don't like moody music - thus my Cure issue.

But I am loving this topic even though I am a million times less influenced by the music thing than I used to be (also 30 something with three kids).

pagerstalker said...

I love this game....so contraversial. So, you are all wrong. It should be Elton John. You can't kill the beattles, that kills rock n' roll. Seriously, there is no other replacement.

I would kill the doors as well. Stupid band with no bass.

Dove, watch "Rattle and Hum" and that will change your opinion of U2. It will, I promise.

dove said...

mave-neil? you are just trying to destroy me after my U2 comment. well it hurt. real deep.

and pagerstalker (what kind of name is that anyway?) - you have a good point. i like sir elton. a lot. but i think good music would persist without his influence ever having been around. still makes me want to cry. hold me (closer tiny dancer).

mavis said...

did you feel like singing :
Don't go breaking my heart
You take the weight off me
Honey when you knocked on my door
I gave you my key

after feeling like we were upset over u2?
Then you can't get rid of EJ - plus that guy will win you over after seeing him in concert. He is quite the entertainer.

Do you mean my moody music issue? You of all people seem like the anti-moody listener.

heather said...

ba ba ba benny and the jets? mr. young? never!
I am adoring this convo.

mavis said...

Oh, I totally need to read and re-read before posting. Dove, you love Neil. Try as I might I was never the genre girl. Still kind of sick over your U2 reference but I'll get through it.

I don't think we could get rid of Michael Jackson, but he seems to be a huge influence, over quite a few genres. Maybe we could get rid of Mariah Carrey?

I love thinking about all of this apparently.

pagerstalker said...


It is the name my parents gave me. I am very hurt by your commment.

pagerstalker said...

and also dove, how about you chirp up your answer already?

heather said...

yeah, give it up dovey doverson.

jenhirr said...

did I lose my comment? If so, I pick Whitney Houston

jenhirr said...

Oops, I did it again. Without Whitney could we lose Britney and all the other glittery booty shaking girls?

BTW, my word verification is fanni. heehee

suzan said...

I don't know... without Whitney there would be no Leslie ;) (sorry, inside joke) I could definetley live without all the "glittery booty shakers" that came along after Whtiney though!

Come on Love Dove, spit it out already!

dove said...

Sorry about my slowness on answering this.

There are lots of easy picks. Tupac or Public Enemy because I don't care about that end of the music spectrum. Madonna - easy (even though I like some of her music). The Eagles and Springsteen wouldn't even be noticeable to me. Bob Marley (Sorry Trev. I know I've offended you. Hard. Twice). Aerosmith. Never cared for them, except that song Rag Doll, which I loved. I appreciate Mizz Olsen's diatribe about Jim Morrison. What a prick. But I can't off them because they are definitely woven into the story of my life in a rich way.

Okay, I think at the end of the day I'm with Trevor on this one. Metallica. No question they are talented and MAN can they play fast, but their sound is crap to me. And if we lose them, the only collateral damage is fewer bullet bikes, fewer illegitimate children and a healthier ozone layer.

That was a fun game. Thanks everyone for your responses!

suzan said...

I can't live without Bob Marley, Madonna, or Metallica! Love them all!! I guess we will just have to agree to disagree on this one :) I still love ya!