Thursday, May 21, 2009

Weekend plans and soft feet

Remember how I was hot earlier this week? Well, since then I have been hot, cold, shivering, hot, mean, grumpy, said some serious verbal bombs and yelled at some children. Yes folks, I'm sick. But with a surge of energy (that my husband mistakes for being good as new) (yes, still grumpy, friends) I am going to tell you one of my little secrets.

From about April til the next April my feet crack a bit. A ton during the summer months. Bloody cracks to be honest. But then I was told about Mom's Stuff. This is a salve that Lee Bennion (a talented artist) has made from natural substances, mostly found surrounding her home in Spring City. I highly recommend the stuff. You can pick it up when you are in Spring City or you can check out the link, send her a check and she will send you some back. I just slathered some on, put on my socks and am tucked under a blanket watching American Idol results (go Kris!). My mom puts it on her hands. It has this crazy healing ability. Really, you must order yourself some. I'm not joking about the crazy healing power.

And since we are talking about Spring City, that is where my fam is heading this weekend. A bit of a drive but an amazing little city tucked near the center of our fair state. The entire town is listed on the National Historic Register! It really is the most charming, beautiful little town with just peacefulness everywhere you look. Quaint is maybe the best description. Full of artists and artistry. Here it is in Joe Bennion's words. Speaking of Joe, he is a world renown potter. Amazing talent, we have many of his creations throughout our house.

Did I mention that every Saturday of Memorial Weekend it is Heritage Day? Wanna join us?



Christy said...

Wow that sounds like a totally cute little town, and that guy Joe sounds neat too. I clicked on the Mom's stuff link, and was surprised to see that they don't accept credit cards! How cute and old fashioned is that? So, I'll be popping a check in the mail to them...because I suffer from cracking feet too. I'm sure this stuff will be fab! Have fun on your little getaway this weekend. If you do that tour of historic pioneer-era homes, I'd love to hear and see a report!

Lindsey said...

How fun! B and I went down there once and just watched Joe throw pots. He is amazing. I still don't own anything of his but I need to get me some of that awesome stuff. Have so much fun.

Through the Looking Glass said...

I need the salve; I crack like plaster year round. Spring City? Never heard of it; like Genoa, Utah - a place someone called me from the other day.

I'm sorry you are sick. You were headed in that direction for a few days. Rub some salve, see some old homes, buy a pot and yell at Dave. It will all be better by Monday.