Tuesday, May 19, 2009

You Want This...

It was hot today. We went from coolish to 70 degrees and then crazy up to 90 degrees and I am hot. Not ready for this. But these etsy yummies would make it bearable.

I'm kind of in love with all the texture and feminine ruffles of Sarah Clemens Clothing.

Everything in this shop, so nice and airy - like you want to twirl and twirl. So many things to choose from in idea2lifestyle and be sure to read the shop announcement, charming.

PamelaTang - so so so pretty.

These in my ears, from Coco Bijou.

My hair pulled out of my face with something from Just Peachy. And what makes it peachier is Just Peachy is giving We Chirp readers (that is you lucky beings) 20% off her shop. As you check out, in your notes to seller, mention We Chirp and she will refund you your 20%! I'm stocking up, great gifts abound.


dove said...

as always - how do you do it mavis? how do you seriously find so much good stuff on etsy? especially loving both jewelery sites. the clothes are wonderful too, but i can't pull them off like you could.

Christy said...

I'd like to know too. I get all my etsy finds from other blogs - like this one. I know not how to search etsy myself...one day I will have to learn. In the meantime I'm seriously thinking about saving up to get one of those Sarah Clemens dresses. The one in bright purple. If I had a nice tan (I know - so unhealthy - but I tan regardless of how much sunscreen I wear because I'm outside so much!) I think it would be just lovely...hmmm...decisions, decisions!

Through the Looking Glass said...

Need it, want it, I'll take it all. You should have a professional career as an Etsy scout. Well, I guess you sort of do, but you should be paid for it. Great taste, lady.