Monday, June 29, 2009

i get by with a little help from my friends

So, um....I have a class reunion coming up. 15 years. I am laughing thinking of what I thought of people old enough to attend 15-year reunions when I graduated from high school. I mean washed up.

Can I interject with a classic, yet totally unrelated and pointless story? Thanks. My high school graduation was hilarious. A bunch of dudes in my class taped PVC pipe to their legs before the ceremony and hid rats in them. I was privy to this information beforehand and enjoyed awaiting the show to begin. At a certain point during the graduation the boys all released their rats at the same time. Girls were jumping up on chairs screaming. The vice principal and assorted other administrators were running all over the auditorium trying to catch the rodents. Oh it was a riot. The subsequent graduating class was frisked as they entered the auditorium in their cap & gowns. Graduation ceremonies in my small town may have never recovered from that experience, but I don't know since I never returned to one.

Okay, back on track. I've arrived at the 15'er. And I frankly, despite what I thought then, don't find myself any less cool than I was at graduation. Except I need help in one area. What do I wear? I don't pay attention to fashion. Where can I get cool duds and what is in style? Okay, maybe I am washed up, but can you point me to where the cool kids shop? Oh, and know any quick & neat tricks to ditch some pounds? I could do without a few of mine...


P.S. I fear this post was lacking in creativity and flow. I wish I could have passed the errand off on Mavis, but since I happened to run into her at Lagoon a few hours ago, I know that she, too, is in a state of shock and awe after experiencing The Goon. What a place that is. Seriously. Talk about some fashion disasters... :)


mavis said...

Um, yeah, don't dress like about 80% of those we saw tonight. They are either dressed way too cool (read: teenager attire that would only make us look like those moms who need to stop dressing like we are teens)for a 15 year reunion or should never have gone out in public that way. Best people watching ever.

You always look spiffy. I suggest Chico's or Coldwater Creek. It is the 15 year, special occasion.

It was fun to see you tonight. How random. I love the Goon. It's where fun is.

mavis said...

Of course I am joking about Chico's and Coldwater. Not to upset anyone, cause they are great stores, just not... 15 year reunion savvy maybe? And not Dovie's style.

Dovie, you always look good. Between that fabulous hair and super duper eyes, you should just go naked.

But do suggest and maybe I'll figure out what to wear to a super urban posh photo exhibit.

Christy said...

I wish we had a Goon around here - it sounds like fun!

I'm not hip at all - most of my recent clothes shopping has been from Target and Old Navy - I'm constantly a mess anyway so I don't see the point of paying big bucks for clothes right now...

But if I had a special occasion like this one I'd look in my closet and see what I used to wear when I worked! You might find something snazzy in there!

Or Macys? Nordstrom? Boden online? (if they're on sale)

suzan said...

Go to Nordstrom Rack!!! You can't loose and it's cheap! (only problem is you'll leave with more than you had planned on) Please post a post reunion update!!

On The "Goon" note... I was laughing at your comments. I was just there on Sunday. The question that ran through my mind most that day was "Where do these people come from and do they let just anyone give them crappy tattoos?" Seriously, there is no better place on Earth to just sit on a bench and people watch!

Through the Looking Glass said...

Chico's and Coldwater Creek? I DIED when I read that, my Mavis! I seriously thought you were serious; and truly, I'm sure to offend someone right about now, but those clothes will only make you look cool if you're attending your fortieth high school reunion.

My mecca for all fashion is Anthropologie or JCrew: Both expensive, both high-fashion, both now (mid-recession) reserved for special occasions. The great thing about both is that you can find a signature piece there - say an amazing top or skirt, and then price the rest down with something lower end from Target, Old Navy, Forever 21, etc.. That's pretty much my defining clothing mantra: Something nice mixed with less-expensive basics.

And please, readers, don't hate me because I called Old Navy and Forever 21 "lower end". I live in the "lower end", but that doesn't mean I pretend it's couture.

Dove said...

Oh Mave. I totally thought you were serious as well. I was dying. I would totally be mistaken as my mother if I showed up in Chico's or Coldwater Creek attire.

Susan & Amanda, perfect advice. Merci mille fois!