Thursday, June 11, 2009

Let's hear it for the boy

Father's Day. Soon.

Now seriously. If this doesn't make you think "up up down down left right left right B A start", what does? And who wouldn't think that was rad? Dirty Ass Soaps.

I like cool cuff links that aren't stuffy. smashing is the place.

isotope has some of the coolest graphics I have seen in the screenprint world that is etsy.

These canes are beautiful. Have a look in Green Market Girl's shop. And for We Chirp readers, they are offering a $5 or 10% discount on all things in their shop. How great is that? Simply convo them, mention we chirp, let them know what item(s) you want and they will adjust the price for you. Amazing cuffs (seriously, beautiful), platters, coasters - all eco-awesome!

For the gaming room of course. Cardboard Safari.


Christy said...

Oh that cardboard deer head is hysterical! And so appropriate for the blog award waiting for you girls at my site.

Raydar Love said...

Seriously, how do you do it?

Is the Nintendo remote soap? Brilliant!

Love the deer head. I've seen that at the Quiksilver store in Park City.

The cufflinks are, well, smashing.

I think my dad would be offended at the cane, but they are pretty cool.

And I am loving Isotope. Do they want to give me a thousand dollar gift certificate? Love the Europe shirt.

Thanks for all the suggestions fab Mave.

suzan said...

HA!!! We have that exact carboard deer in the Quiksilver Youth store I work at in Park City! We all laughed histerically when they brought it in, "like, are you serious?" We named him Walter, even gave him a nametag. I have to admit, he is quite the conversation peice! I can't believe you posted Walter on We Chrip! Too funny :)