Monday, June 15, 2009

Summertime. Who said it was easy?

We are in our second week on summertime. The first was a doozy. It has rained non-stop for days here. The storms have been much needed, they have been beautiful, they have been refreshing. But for little kids that just need to get outside and play they have been torture. And, I will admit, torture for me because of their whining.

I have no doubt it must be hard for my 1st grader (oops, he just reminded me he is a 2nd grader now) to have school from 9 to 3:45, learning, playing, recess and something to keep him busy all day to coming home without a lot of planning going on. I am one of those moms who dislikes tons of activities planned out. Or more specifically, I don't want to pay for lots of activities. Don't get me wrong, we have a zoo pass, the two oldest are in a day camp for a couple hours each day this week, we will get together with friends to play and do swim lessons and other things here and there but to plan out each and every day is way beyond my abilities. I also feel that kids need to create their own entertainment and I am more than willing to facilitate that. And frankly, they can be bored once in a while. Wow, I am sounded jaded already and we have just begun.

So, what I am asking is this: what home-based activities do you provide for you kids? What supplies are a must have for summer livin'? What has worked and what hasn't? And what summertime activities (lessons, camps, things of that nature) are a must for you? Don't be shy, we are kind and lovely moms in need here at we chirp. I promise.

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Christy said...

Well, I don't have kids plural yet, and my one isn't yet our needs are definitely different than yours.

We've signed up at the pool - where we plan to play each day when it's warm enough. And we're taking free music/play classes hosted by Gymboree at our local library. My daughter LOVES these classes - she's mesmerized by all the other babies and the drums and the tamborines and the colorful play things. I have a blast too, of course.

But one of my friends with older kids has a fun indoor setup in her basement - she has a tent set up there and her kids just love to play in all summer long. It's their indoor fort!

Jennifer Golden said...

I have two boys, one of them is only 3 months help there, i give him a stuffed cow and he's happy. My 2 year old, however NEEDS entertainment! Rainy days, without lightening and thunder, are actually FUN! We let him go out and play in the rain! BIG FUN, especially since he recently learned about umbrellas. If it's dangerous outside, I roll a huge piece of paper out on the hardwood floor (across the entire living room) and give him paints, brushes and stamps - the paints only come out when we're stuck in the house, keeping them a fun and rare thing. He's also a big fan of I do the same with those.

Dove said...

For Utards, these are my 2 suggestions.

The Goon (a.k.a. Lagoon). We got season passes. It's the same price as going twice and I plan on using that water park as soon as spring is over [seriously what is up with the weater]).

Fat Cats offers free bowling for kids (doesn't include shoe rental) all summer.

MZB said...

I really take advantage of the local parks & rec courses. My 11yr can ride his bike to 3 weeks of tennis lessons for 24$. They offer just about every sport, art class, and day camp you can think of, for unbeatable prices

Lindsey said...

I totally need help in this department - I need the kind of activities that a 35 week+ pregnant mom can handle - you know, not a lot of energy necessary?? Oh wait, I guess I just need a babysitter and a nap. Maybe the babysitter will have some ideas...
I have a book called the Toddler Busy Book. It has tons of ideas- some for rainy days, some for outside, crafts, etc. It really is great for when you've already done everything you can think of. One of the things I never would have thought of for a rainy day was taking the crib mattress out of the crib, putting it on the floor and surrounding it with pillows for an afternoon of 'trampoline' fun. J loved it.
One easy thing - we just got popsicle molds from Ikea and J thinks making popsicles is the most fun thing we've ever done. It's also a bribe for getting her in the bath since I only let her eat the chocolate ones in there.

Through the Looking Glass said...

I used to love a well-planned out summer. Structure, activities, plans, etc.. The older my kids get, the busier my life seems and days just fly by. I still like some good, solid plans or intentions, though. I second Dove - we do Lagoon. We do parks, all the cool haunts like fire station, farms, etc., and I try to have them do a little "homework" each day. I also need to get my kids going on summer jobs. Get me some suggestions on that, please.