Wednesday, July 15, 2009

One year older

Did I mention it is my birthday week?

Sweet little bird from Animal House Art, but I don't have to clean up after it.

How beautiful is this lantern from aurora lee hales's beautiful shop? So so beautiful.

I'm still looking for the perfect birdhouse, minus a live bird, to make its home in my home. I think I found a grand alternative at Jinx Murphy Designs.

It's warm here, but when it starts to get some chill I want to rock this sporty little number from avalove designs.

I'm a texture girl. I think this necklace from Simone Walsh has incredible texture. And should be around my neck.


Raydar Love said...

That lantern is the bomb! And I love the necklace too.

Christy said...

These are all super cool - hope you get that necklace for your bday!!

Paige said...

What day is your birthday? Mine is Saturday and I didn't realize we are so close. Oh and I love love as well. Love that print.

Simone Walsh said...

Thanks so much for featuring my rose pendant!