Monday, July 6, 2009

Only You, on a road trip, in the mid 80's, with someone who can drive and anyone else that shares your last name

You know those groups you remember listening to on the family trips? Christopher Cross, ABBA, Jim Croce, Crystal Gayle - all 8 tracks in our car. Of course there were more. One of my favorites and still is, the old school Flying Pickets. Apparently there is a new group but I haven't checked them out. This is some of my happy music.

I love youtube. Only there would I be able to come across this. I love Men Without Hats (begins 1:43 ish) and the dancing of the synthesizerer (really, what are the people called who play the synthesizer called? and don't give me keyboardist, too easy)is awesome, not to mention the lead singer.

But the synthesizerer dancing reminds me of this

and who doesn't love Tom Jones or the Fresh Prince?

What songs remind you of family road trips back in the day? Dove, is this killing you softly?

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Dove said...

HEY!! Who ever heard of the flying freaking pickets??? I mean, seriously, your parents listened to this? And who came first...well, it must have been the FP's who came before Yaz. Wow.

And Men Without Hats, frankly reminds me of this Ashworth dude, not my parents.

My parents were hippies. We listened to Crosby Stills Nash & Young, The Beatles (I still abhor your choice Christy), Rolling Stones, Bread.

And to answer your other question...I quite love you right now Mave.