Monday, September 21, 2009


This week's giveaway is from Heidi Devlin Design! We saw one of her creations last week on my etsy finds. This week she is giving away her Boo! pillow - just in time for Halloween goodness. I asked Heidi some questions just to get to know her a little better.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

O.K. Here goes!....I am a very fortunate lady who lives with my family in the Southern California area!....I have been sewing & designing from a very early age,.... having had a mother who was a wonderful seamstress!....I think it may just be in my genes, since my mother loves to tell us stories of my grandmother working in the couture houses of Paris in the 1920's! :)

When did you start to create and where does the need come from?

For me, creativity has always been a "means to an end"!....While growing up, money was tight, so when you saw a piece of clothing or something for your home that you loved, but could not just figured out a way to make it yourself!....A "practice & philosophy" I have continued all my life!

Quilts or pillows? Pillows or quilts?

Even though I love making clothes, I have to say that "home decor pieces" are what I truly love to design & create!....A few years ago while living in a rural area of upstate New York, my daughters & I learned to quilt! It was really just a way to make friends, but now has turned into not only something I love doing, but a business as well!....I love designing simple, graphic quilts, but have to say that "pillows" are my passion!...I absolutely love making them!..The fabrics, the process & the end product!...And since I have my own decorating business, my pillows(& quilts) have found their way into many of my client's homes!...which is incredibly gratifying!

What is the best thing about where you live?

Like I mentioned before, my family & I live in a small town in Southern California. I believe the nicest aspect of living here is that everything is available!....the mountains, the beaches, the desert, etc!....I do miss true winter weather & lots of snow, but having a year round garden is lovely too!!!

What was your favorite Halloween costume as a child? Do you still dress up?

About Halloween....I LOVE Halloween since it is not only a delightful holiday, but is also my birthday!!....My favorite costume was being a "pioneer girl"?..I guess my love of the "Little House" books was my inspiration!...However this year, I will be dressing up as a "witch"!...which my 5-year old grandson thinks is just fabulous!

If you were a bird, which one would you be?

And if I were a bird?.....I would definitely be a "chickadee"!....They are just so resourceful especially during the cold snowy months of winter!....& pretty darn cute too!

Thanks Heidi. Check out her other designs at her other etsy shop, baby people , I'm in love with the blankets - wonder why? Here are the guidelines in entering the giveaway for the Boo pillow:

-One entry? Go to heidi devlin design and leave me a comment telling me what your favorite
item in her shop is.

-Another? Blog about this giveaway and leave a comment with the link to the post.

-Want another? Do something nice for someone else and leave a comment just to let me know.

The contest ends next Monday the 28th, so let the happy giving begin!



hannah :: sherbet blossom said...

i LOVE the xoxo pillow!

Also...i made dinner for someone in my neighborhood yesterday who has been sick. Does that count?

Christy said...

My favorite is the classic star quilt. I really should learn how to quilt - I just love them so much! Great interview and giveaway!!

Through the Looking Glass said...

I love the classic start quilt too; I'd love it at the bottom of my bed, all white and perfect.

Shanny said...

I like the In God We Trust pillow. Really, I like all the pillows, they are pretty cute!

Anonymous said...

my favorite is actually the BOO pillow! I love decorating for Halloween more than any other holiday. She has some very cute things!!

suzan said...

I'm not anonymous, I'm Susan. Don't know how that happened, sorry :)

Trish said...

I love the "Be Kind" pillow! Heidi is such a sweetheart!

Trish said...

I've blogged about this giveaway here:


Cara said...

I love many of her pillows but the French Grain sack might have the edge on my favorite...

Carrie said...

I love her quilts. i would take any of them.

carrie said...

I love the american star quilt.

Egater said...

My favorite is Summer Bird Pillow
egateris at gmail dot com

Anna See said...

Wow! I love the family pillow, the chandelier pillow, and the I Love You pillow. Fabulous!

Jenna Z said...

I LOVE the Snow Dusted Candy Canes in Tan/White! Glitter!!!

Mary Z said...

The XOXOXO pillow is my favorite. Of course I also loved the quilts.