Thursday, October 29, 2009

Etsy - Get Your Holiday Make On

This week is crazy! Who knew Halloween was such an intense holiday? I got my costumes made and the kids are thrilled, which is lovely, but now I need to catch up on other things.

Friends are having babies left and right it seems and whenever I go to find something to give the new bundle and always think, "I could make that." The hard thing about that is a) I think I could but b) where do I fit it in? So I turn once again to Etsy. Etsy not only has fantastic goods in all sorts of categories but you can also find patterns to make something lovely. So while I am looking for baby gifts, I am also thinking ahead for Christmas gifts, or Thanksgiving gifts (poor forgotten holiday).

I'm loving the patterns in Bugga Bugs shop. If you have a pretend kitchen for your kids you have to look at the food patterns - even Chinese take-out! I am especially charmed by the barn and animals.

My knitting skills are sub-par unfortunately, but if they were better this owl from Amy Gaines would be first on my list. Love owls, love this shop.

Bit of Whimsy Dolls is killing me with their assortment of patterns for dolls - boys, girls, goats, gnomes... And if you don't want to make one, you can buy one finished.

All I really need from a scarf is for it to cover my neck where my hair and coat don't quite meet. Once again, I need to learn some knitting because all the patterns from BrightCraft look beautiful.

And I might as well show you a pattern of my mom's and mine - our nursing apron pattern. We saw many types when I was looking but never found exactly what I wanted. Enter my brilliant mom who made it exactly how I wanted. A nice collaboration. I make them for friends who are nursing, out of material I love. Check out Piccalilli too.

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Christy said...

Super cute finds - especially your nursing aprons. I want one! I might order one for my next baby!

And oh, you just 'made' your costumes?! Wowzers! I bought Fiona's at Gymboree. I need to learn to sew!