Thursday, October 22, 2009

More Etsy Love and glee

Did you know that my daughter's name is Caroline? It is a lovely name and according to her, a song was written just for her. I showed her Puck's version and her response was, "Is there a Caroline sitting in those chairs or is he singing to me?"

And you know I am a bit over the moon for glee. So I will show you some of my picks for Miss C's birthday (which is terribly soon). Thanks Puck for being a strong leading man.

Caroline loves cupcakes, or "little cakes" as she calls them. She might be the girl who is in this print from Calobee Doodles.

How fitting for Caroline to have herself a doll named Caroline. I love the hair adornments and dolls from Sweet Pea Boutique.

She would more than lovely in this dress from 1 Crown and 3 Tiaras, she would twirl and love it.

Have I told you that Caroline is more in love with birds than I am? Here are a few she would love:

Whitebird Queen Perching Decoration from Royal Buffet.

Robin in Squash Yellow from Tumus.

And I think she might never take this off and have secret conversations and sing-a-longs with the blue bird on her shoulder in this costume from Little Lovely Ones.

I love etsy. I love glee. I love Caroline.


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