Monday, November 30, 2009

Bad Moon Risin'

Now I am not an expert on all things Twilight but I did read the books, a while ago, and did see the first movie with the bad wigs and make-up.  Last weekend I went with some gals to see the continuation New Moon and although it was entertaining and I was impressed with the better wigs and better make-up I do have some issues.

We all heard how Taylor Lautner worked his 16 year old tail off in order to keep his role as Jacob.  And my did he do a great job.  He went from this

 to this

What bothers me is this poor now 17 year old will probably never grow another inch because of all the bulk he has put on but the same body work ethic didn't rub off on any other shirtless wonders?

 The Wolf Pack?  This pictures does them too much justice.

Edward?  Not even a few push ups?   Or a waxing?  Just a make-upped ab region. 

This is more what I am thinking when I picture some fantastic vampire...

And I am wondering what the deal is with the young girls there.  I saw lots of 5,6,7 year olds who had to be walked out during some parts.  What is with bringing young kids to movies that probably aren't age appropriate?  Just my shallow thoughts.


Christy said...

who wore the bad wigs? I just read all four books this summer (in 12 days!) and saw Twilight the movie last weekend. Loved it - in fact bought it for christmas. But jacob? He was my least favorite character in the book and you're right - poor guy putting on all that bulk at such a young age! I don't know - are they making the other two into movies too? I hope they do, and soon. hehe. Hope you had a great thanksgiving!

Through the Looking Glass said...

I want Jacob for Christmas... with a side of butter. And yes, I'm a mother of four in my early thirties so that makes what I said almost illegal, but heck, I didn't know bodies like that existed in the wild.

Certainly the young sprout had some help in the testosterone department, and by "help" I mean the kind you inject, but truly, that body? How? Wha? Huh? I just drooled on my old-lady cardigan.

But let's talk age-appropriateness, because that's where my good sense returns and my values get all high and mighty. I do NOT think these movies, nay even the books, are appropriate for anyone who still qualifies for a kids meal at any restaurant. If the writing and/or images get can housewives all over the country all hot and bothered, should children be reading/seeing them?

Young teens, okay, I get it. This is junior high heaven if ever there was one. I just can't figure out what all the parents of younger kids are going to say to their children when they see the last movie, the one where Bella is "bruised and battered" from a night of hot sex, and their littles demand an explanation. Wrestling? We tried that explanation once and I'm still not sure it flew.

leandparkermakes3 said...

Yes please. I will take the guy from the Vampire Diaries any day over Edward Cullen.

Raydar Love said...

So does Mr. Mave better resemble Jacob or Edward? :)

Taking youngins to this is criminal. Ughh!

Mavis said...

C- I think they are going to ride this book/movie phenom into their retirement.
A - we ran into you at the movie and you were drooling on me while Jacob was onscreen and I was 2 seats away! And yes, I agree, if these somewhat chaste (in degree) books are making housewives pretend play then they should not be taking their little or somewhat little to it! Get a freakin' grip and a baby sitter.
R - duh, Jacob, but not only for the muscles but because Mr. Mave is part Comanche. Truly.
LizE - Vampire Diaries is my new guilty pleasure and yes, Stefan is quite the vampire.

Anonymous said...

I so agree with your comment on "it rubbing off" on some of the others in the movie. Robert Pattinson was so charming and looked great in the first movie, however next to "Jacob's" bod in the second movie, I mean WOWIE WOW WOW! Edward looked pail, yellow and hairy. Puuuuleeze! Not the slightest bit attractive, but then again who could compare to Taylor Lautner? just saying. I went from team Edward to team Jacob faster than Edward could swat a fly. New Moon had me scratching my head thinking that if Stephanie Meyer had laid eyes on the young pup to portray Jacob in the movies, before the books were written a whole different story may have been inspired. Twilight would be ALL about the Werewolf!