Thursday, March 25, 2010

Color Therapy?

Spring puts me back in a color mode.  I want to repaint every room. I want to sew colorful things. I want to plant my garden full of color and see immediate results.  I found a nifty little site that finds your birthday color and gives clues to your personality, It revealed my color personality, which may be true when I do not have pregnancy brain and have lots more sleep.  And I do like the color.  What is your color?  And does it really describe you? 

And what about some rose-colored glasses.  Have you heard of these Color Therapy Glasses? Certain colors can help certain conditions and sick organs.  Kind of like we have color deficiencies.  Could you get behind this?


katie t said...

yep. it's me spot on. it's amazing how this stuff works...hmmmm? interesting :)

and the book, "the help", loved it! and could also not put it down!

Christy said...

The link didn't work for me - but I just bought the help and am going to start it this weekend! Hurrah!

EMILY said...

Regarding the glasses and color therapy - I just read a book that describes a world where society is based on what color you can see (most can only see 1 and some only see gray!) You should definitely check it out cause it definitely gives you food for thought. Shades of Gray by Jasper Fford.