Monday, March 1, 2010

Thoughts of Blooms and a talented artist


One talented lady.   When you need flowers for any occasion this is who you should go to.  Julie Prince Flowers.  Mostly you will be in awe of her weddings but she wows for other occasions too.  I'm glad she finally got a website that shows her work.  



And she doesn't stop just at the flowers.  Think decorations and making it all come together.  You can see another featured wedding here and another here.  And definitely look at this one here.



And to see one of her weddings featured in Utah Bride and Groom, have a look-see here.  Living here in Utah, where there is a wedding every 7.5 seconds, you see a LOT of flowers.  But rarely do you see flowers that are as uniquely put together as Julie's. 

Just some Spring-like loveliness for a sunny March day.   Blooms.  Wishful thinking of warmth and bursting colors in my garden, just the right time to peruse her gallery of flowers.

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