Wednesday, April 7, 2010

It might be

all about me.  This is my fourth pregnancy and it still awes me.  The burgeoning belly, the familiar movement in the belly (that I miss soooo much when the baby is born), the exhaustion that blindsides me at 10:13am, 3:53pm, and 7:04pm, the inability to lotion my feet without nearly throwing up a little in my mouth and I still have just about 6 weeks to go.  The worst part - vivid bad dreams.  I have the worst dreams when I am pregnant and they are SO REAL.  The only good thing about some of them is I don't have any melasma or other skin troubles and I am back to my normal size.  Yes, I am vain.  And the heightened sense of smell?  Who needs that?  And don't get me started on the anxiety.  And don't ask me how much screen time my almost 3 year old is getting.  Or how little quality time my other 2 kids are getting.  And for sure don't ask me any question that needs a definite answer because for some reason I can't even remember my own name, much less what that plant out my back window is called or what the stitch I just did is called..  And even though it is my fourth pregnancy and I know millions of others have been through it, it still feels all about me.

Needless to say the last couple of weeks I have perusing the blogworld again.  A bit mindlessly but gathering inspiration.  Here are a few of my latest reads.

A Little Great - specifically this post.

This post about spring makeup, but I am pretty sure I would botch in anyway since I can't even apply
mascara correctly.  Someone want to help me?

And there were more but I thought I could remember them but brain. doesn't. function.

But I have enjoyed this site because the show is awesome and ACTUALLY answers some of the questions it presents.

And of course, are you watching LOST?  Only a few more episodes and even though I doubt many questions will be answered, I l.o.v.e the show.  And I L.O.V.E the podcasts Damon and Carlton put on.  I laugh outloud.  Which looks odd when you are walking by yourself trying to get some exercise.

I'm off to another prenatal appointment.  This baby is a mover and a shaker and quite a sneaky one according to Caroline, my 5 year old.  Is it sad that I look forward to the time in the waiting room?

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Christy said...

Too funny - yesterday I updated my facebook status with something like - is it pathetic that I can't wait for my alone time today when alone time equals my doctor appt! Ha! It is all about you right now, and how exciting that this is your fourth! I have 12 days to go...not that I'm counting or anything!