Friday, April 16, 2010

No words

I know, I am lame.  And unreliable.  But I am consistent in my love of Glee.  I was giddy watching it on Tuesday.  Giddy.  Then there is this.  And something has been bothering me about one of the dancers.  But I figured it out - the guy in the vid at :20  patting his face is Nathan from SYTYCD, right?  And I laugh out loud every time she sings "Will Shuester I hate you" because Kurt's face kills me.  I love him.

I have few needs right now (such a lie, I am a needy mess), but Glee makes me soooooo happy.  Am I right about Nathan from SYTYCD?  What did you think of the last episode?  Who wants to watch with me next time?


Lisa said...

lol...that's totally Nathan!

katie t said...