Monday, April 26, 2010


Yeah, I have issues with makeup.  The other day my mascara just vanished.  Into thin air.  So two days I went without (the horror) and then finally could only make it to Target so I picked up Sexy Curves by Rimmel because I had read that people seriously dug it.  I seriously didn't.  It was super hard to put on, super hard to take off.

So I had to run quickly up to my local supermarket and I grabbed Maybelline Lash Discovery, the mini brush version - no idea why.  Maybe its Maybelline.  And so far so good.

But even better than that I had to pick up some more eye makeup remover my next trip to Target and got this and am in serious like with it.  No weird reactions, lovely feeling, doesn't hurt my eyeballs if by chance it gets between my closed eyelids and protective eyelashes.

And another another serious like bordering on love, I changed up my body wash.  My skin has been quirky this pregnancy and I have had a hard time treating what ails it.  I started using the Olay product and it is succulent.  Quite pleased.
Just thought I would share.  Any new faves or disappointments you would like to share with me?  Want to come apply my mascara?

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