Tuesday, May 11, 2010

By the numbers

243 - number of tulips in my front yard, yay, so pretty and nice to look at while I am nursing Jack.

7 - number of times I have asked Joey to stop bouncing on me and Jack while nursing today.

0 - number of times Joey stopped.

67 - number of times Joey has asked to watch "that funny music" since I got home last Thursday (I let my kids watch some of the music videos from glee).  He has now moved on to "Turn Around" and "Run Joey Run".

As many times as Joey has asked to watch it - number of times I have questioned why it says "FIN" at the end of Run Joey Run. Why does it say FIN?  Does anyone know?

8 - number of times I watched Run Joey Run before I figured out the dad was the old pedophile glee coach.

What can I say, glee makes me really happy.  And so does the fact that Friday Night Lights is back on.  And Tim Riggins.  Does it sound like I watch too much tv?  For some reason, reading while I nurse has never been my thing.  Watching tv is.  And now that there is glee, I can watch and watch and if my kids are hanging out, they request the music vids. 

Once upon a time when I was in college, I lived in the sorority house with a bunch of gals.  At one point one sista, we'll call her Ginger, dated a guy named Jesse.  This was in between break ups with her now husband.  And every time Jesse would come over we would blast "Jessie's Girl".  And then, when they had finished dating and she was dating her now husband again, we would play it when he came over.  We weren't very nice.  Did you know that Finn is singing it tonight? 


Erin said...

fin means end...it's Rachel's way of saying "the end" in a fancy way. Love Rachel!

we chirp said...

Thanks Erin! I love outing my lack of brainpower to the www- I thought (hoped) it had something to do with Finn. One day I will hopefully have brain power again.

Erin said...

My baby just turned 6 and I am still waiting for the rest of my brain to return...no worries!
You guys have a great blog!