Sunday, May 16, 2010

Etsy Love

I haven't really perused the internet for a while.  But I have missed Etsy.

Don't you think Baby Jack should have this onesie from Design Sisters?  I mean, he is a 2010 babe. And their others shirts are such great gifts for grads right about now, don't ya think?

I think this is more than a grocery bag.  This and other bags by Mi Hermana y Yo.    

I want this print from The Wheatfield with a handle.  I want to hold it up each time I am nursing Jack and the other kids come in with some crazy dispute (and there are lots of these lately).  I also want this print to hold up after.

Just read the description for this Mason Bee home from Andrew's Reclaimed and you know why I need one in my garden and you need one in your garden.

I love this card from warpeDesign.  I think it would be a great personalized addition to any gift.  And then you could frame it, simply, so great.

I want these earrings from Shizen Designs in my ears tout de suite.  

Back to reality.  Hope this gets your week off to a fun start.


LavenderField said...

Lovely baby!!! (love the earrings too!)

Mieko said...

I submitted a photo of my Dandelion Earrings featured on this post to Craftgawker. I just heard from them that submission was accepted. You can find it here:

Thanks again for including my earrings! /Mieko