Thursday, June 3, 2010

Good Vibrations

With the end of the school year, when I think of good vibrations I think of The Beach Boys.  But of course I was laughing out loud when Finny Finn and the Pucky Bunch did the Marky Mark song.  Where do we even start with this?  The fact that they didn't show Finn dancing to his full extent?   Or Puck's dancing on the ground.  It just had me laughing.  I got the newest volume of glee music, Volume 3. It is missing a few but my kids and I are loving it.  Caroline's favorite is "I Dreamed a Dream", Joey's is "Total Eclipse of the Heart" or "Turn Around" as he calls it.  Eli's is "Safety Dance".  In fact, he and 2 friends did a break dance number today for their class talent show using the music.  I'll upload that for your viewing pleasure.

I'll refrain from rehashing the glee show with y'all, but I love when shows make me giggle or guffaw.  Caroline's last day of school is today and E has one more day and then on to the dog days of summer.  I haven't signed up for any activities yet this summer.  One reason is that with the new babe, I didn't want to be running around from one scheduled thing to the next.  Another reason is that we will have a few weeks of family in town this summer and I have needed to calendar all the comings and goings before I schedule anything else.  Must. Do. That.  And, I don't want to pay and pay for things.  How do you get through the summer?  And how do you do it without being way to busy to enjoy it?  I was thinking of doing a bit of summer schooling around here.  I am going to have the kids each pick one topic each week and we will "study" it out, find fun learning activities to keep them occupied and keep their brains moving.  I'll tell you more about that later.  I would love to hear your ideas.

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Lindsey said...

Hey! I miss you. Can I tell you a secret that I still have only seen the first episode of Glee...Even though I loved it? I need to buy the dvds or something. Want to catch up on that. Anywho - I saw this post: looks like a fun summer-school-y type of activity book for your cute kiddos.

katie t said...