Monday, June 7, 2010

Monday, Monday

First day of summer.  I made the decision that I wasn't going to over-schedule my kids - like I said, this was selfish on my part in a way but I also want my kids to learn how to play. without. me. telling. them. how.  Know what I mean?  I will do it if it kills all 6 of us.  But I also don't want them to get out of the habit of the learning bit.  Some creative and fun activities that might also stimulate the brain a bit.

So I decided to figure out some ideas by searching  this little web.  Here are some sites I found that might help me a bit through the summer.

Family Education
Family Corner
Creative Crafts for Kids
Money Saving Mom - free summer fun

Some other things I am going to do this week?  Or try.  A boredom box.  I am going to have my kids write down all the things that they can do in and around the house when I can't facilitate play.  Maybe they will come up with things like color, make friendship bracelets, build with legos, clean their bedroom?

It is a good idea to have a designated area to hold all sorts of creative things for kids - popsicle sticks, those fuzzy bendy cleaners (can you tell I have a lack of sleep brain), lots of construction paper, blank paper, tape, glue, glitter, markers, paint, crayons and all sorts of artistic stuff.  What else could you put there?  Oddly, I have about 60-plus 4 oz containers that I filled with breast milk while Jack was in the NICU.  They are being emptied of milk but are perfect for "scientific" experiments or for holding dirt, beads, seads.  They are probably perfect to be shakey shake musical instruments for Caroline's back up singers. 

We are also keeping an eye on what is growing in our garden.  The peas have just bloomed their first blossoms, the lettuce is coming up, the beans are sprouting, the potatoes are doing what they are supposed to, I think.  In any case, the kids are helping me keep an eye on it and we are noting our observations in a notebook. 

I wish I could add such great photos of my craft central and my awesome garden but unfortunately our desktop (which is where the camera syncs) is having some issues.  Like not starting. 

Don't forget the giveaway, one more day!

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katie t said...

good luck!!! and to all of us moms out there!!!