Monday, January 26, 2009

Gifts you should love to give

Friends, Valentines is coming up and although I love to decorate for this holiday I am horrible at gift giving. I do think I can come up with some ideas this year that a) you should share with your loved one who is buying for you and/or b) you should buy them for your significant other. One M.O. we have on this site is that Dove and I are simple gals. We love beautiful things, we love sincere gifts but we don't love huge price tags or wastes of counter space, do you know what I mean? So keeping that in mind, and hoping we don't deviate from that too often (splurging is a must, but not super cool all the time), here are some ideas - and we will post some more nearly every day until the big love day.

I can't tell you how much I adore this print from le papier studio. I am going to buy it and of course put it out the during the holiday but the rest of the year it is going in my bedroom. I love the simplicity and the sentimentality of it, and I have a hard time expressing sentiments.etsy-le-papier

I am trying to bring the art of ink-to-paper-to-mailbox correspondence back one card at a time and I happen to think that buying a gal note cards is quite practical - but practical doesn't fly on Valentines, so this is how to make them romantic. Write a love note on one of the cards and place it in the with set and then promise your loved one you will borrow a note card here and there and write her/him some more. Have a look at the beautiful cards at The Daily Planner.


Or the same love note could be written into a journal, one that is given with the intent that the giver keeps writing in it for the receiver (I say this because my friend's husband just gave her a journal for Christmas that he had been writing in all year about her and family and she thought it might have been one of the most wonderful gifts that she has ever received) or just for the lucky receiver's own use. Or I guess both. There are lots to choose from at Kate's Papier.


Am I on the right path here?

by mavis


Vana said...

How sweet of you to do this. I love the words you used to describe my print. That is exactly what i had in mind when i designed it.

Angel said...

Love the journal idea. Great for the giver to put down on paper specifics of why they love and great for the reciever, because who could ever get sick of hearing why they are loved. I would cherish such a gift