Thursday, January 29, 2009

Gifts you should love to give - with some shooga

I hear ya. What is Valentine's Day without some sugar lovin'? Here are some ideas. And let me preface this with the fact that I myself have never eaten these etsy finds but have carefully researched their ratings (customers leave comments as to whether or not they are pleased) and they seem bona fide. And, please check their shop announcement. Most, if not all, have a deadline for ordering for VDay.

Sugar Smitten has lots of tasties, including these Valentine Bon Bons. They look super sweet and sweet. Plus, they are having a sale: SALE!!!!!! In honor of the Team EEAT Bakesale going on today, January 28th, you will receive 1/4 lb of Sea Salt Caramels with any purchase! So hurry!


Chocolate bread? Seriously, my son may just start eating sandwiches. Baked by the Lake also has some potato candy yummies that are getting rave reviews. All organic - if that makes you feel better.


"What the goodness?" is what my daughter exclaimed when I was looking at this tasty. Cupcakes in Jars has made me salivate. There are many options but I would go with the sampler. You choose 4 from over 20 different flavors, a sure win-win for anyone. They are beautiful.


I don't think I can look anymore, I am starving. But I can find more if you want. Let me know.

And, is there something particular you want me to look for?

by mavis


Whitney said...

Red Velvet cupcakes? Are you kidding? Give me some suga, I am your neighbor!

Amanda said...

Oh good grief, who knew pink frosting would invite such delight in me? That looks YUM; maybe I’ll send one to myself.

Liz said...

Valentine’s is going to be hard for me because I’m on a diet! Maybe I’ll have to make an exception for some of these goodies! Great blog! Fun, fun ideas!

Raydar Love said...

There is a good red velvet cupcake recipe in the Feb Oprah magazine.

Heather said...

I think I have just died and gone to cupcake heaven. Wow, thanks for ruining my New Year’s Resolution. Nobody could resist these babies. Thanks.