Wednesday, February 25, 2009

drumroll please.......

And the winner is...thanks to

Nicole said...
I love her Sweet Pea necklace-although it was a hard choice.

Yay! I was waiting to get to this all morning and even had a call from Dove who was eager to see who would win. Nicole, email us at and we will get the appropriate info from you and get this party started. And remember, you have until noon MST on the 27th to CLAIM. YOUR. PRIZE! (Did I sound like Ed McMahon? That was the goal.)

As for the rest of you, head on over to jamjewelry design and get a little something special for yourself. I know we are in an economic situation, but I promise, it is worth it. And you will kind of make yourself a winner, right? Angie makes fantastic jewelry, great quality, and quite frankly it makes you feel all special when you wear it. Really. I'm feeling extra special right now.

I (Dove) wanted to add my commentary to the first giveaway. Thanks for showing such enthusiasm (well, it's a great prize, so enthusiasm was easy). It was fascinating to watch all the nominations for favorite jewelry to roll in because no one, NO ONE (until the last few comments) chose the one I would have chosen (Go Green). I don't know whether to think that I have weird taste or to revel in my non-conformist ways! I also like the thought of the single initial, but I would put my lover's initial on it to keep it close to my heart (if only I had a lover *sigh*).

Come back Friday (well, come back every day) because we have another great giveaway. Woohoo!


Christy said...

Ooh I'm jealous. Can't wait for your other drawings!

Nicole said...

Thanks again for the giveaway!