Wednesday, February 25, 2009

And so it begins...

Every year for the last 10 or so, I have participated in my own sort of Lent. It isn't a part of my religious dogma. It is more of a time frame for me to test my will power of sorts. Now for my disclaimer: my practicing of Lent is in no way meant to diminish any other person's practice of Lent for religious purposes.

Last year I gave up sweets, which in my definition includes candy, sweet breads, desserts, all the sweet, yummy stuff. The first three weeks were killer. But after that, I was good. So good that after a little angel food cake on Easter Sunday and a couple of skittles a few weeks later (just to reassure myself I didn't miss it) I decided that I was going to go as long as I could without eating them. I was out of the habit. It didn't hurt that it had helped me lose the last of my baby weight. I will concede that I do eat really potent, "healthy", dark chocolate. But that is my one thing, and it is every so often.

So this year I decided I would give up Diet Coke. I love Diet Coke. I drink it every day, not a lot in quantity, but each day. Why am I giving it up for 46 days? Just to see if I can. (doesn't it look refreshing and yummy?)

I calculated wrong. I thought I had more time to prepare for it, but I don't. It begins today. I am a little panicked. No, pretty panicked. I thought I could start weaning myself this week. Crap. No time. Who is with me? You can give up anything, it doesn't have to be DC. Sweets, carrots, sweeping your kitchen floor, butter, chicken nuggets, facebook, s-e-x (of course, I am not condoning this, but if you choose to, you can remain anonymous in your comment, just know we are all friends here) - it is up to you.

If you don't start today that is fine, but be a joiner. I am starting a group, a support group, here at We Chirp, for the next 46 days. You can even join tomorrow, if you need some time to process. We will discuss various aspects of our "do without-ing". That is our name - The Do Withouts. Maybe not, that is first on our agenda: What is our name?

Help me feel a little less alone in the dark tunnel that I will be facing in the next few weeks (yes, I love Diet Coke, sue me). It is just for 46 days. We reach the finish line on Easter Sunday (or maybe the night before, does someone want to clarify? Or since there is no real religious significance behind it, I will choose, Easter Sunday it is). Leave a comment here, something along the lines of "Hi, my name is Mavis, I am abstaining from Diet Coke for the next 46 days." And then, if you have a suggestion for our name, share it. We can do this. You can do this. Dove can do this.



Christy said...

This is very interesting because I just realized it was Ash Wednesday today when I heard people talking about it on the radio. I'm not religious and have never 'celebrated' Lent...but the last couple of years I've THOUGHT about going without something for the Lent period, (which I thought was 40 days - not 46, see how little I actually know about this?) but I've never actually done it before.

I must say I'm impressed with your do-withouts last year and this. I too could use the help getting rid of my last few baby pounds. This exercise appeals to me - I like to think of myself as having strong will power. But do I? Hmmm...

I like the name you came up - The Do-Withouts. I know - get us a button - I love buttons. My name is Christy and I am a Do-Withouter. Until Easter Sunday I will do without sweets. HUGE INTERNAL GASP! People who know me well will think it's impossible!

Just so you know, I'm really scared. I love chocolate and have never gone a week without it before...

we chirp said...

Christy, you can do it. But those first three weeks of no candy/sweets was HARD, I'll be honest. But see, support group, and you have to do it now, it is in blogland forever written.

I thought it was 40 days also, which it is, sort of. Some religions start and end on certains days but don't count the 6 Sundays - so 40 days, but really 46. This is why I was off about a week and why I am going cold turkey.


Christy said...

Yeah! Thank you so much for the support and don't think I won't use it and rely on it. Not only in blogland forever, but on paper forever, for I am creating a blog book for my daughter - and you can bet I'm going to be writing about this group on my own blog!

I only told my husband AFTER I left my comment, thinking he might think it would be too hard for me. But he was exactly the opposite - so sure I could do anything I put my mind to. When I asked him if we interested in cutting something out, he said yes, laziness, inactivity. Go team us! Go team do-without!

Kiersten said...

"Hi my name is Kiersten" and I am going to jump on the ole' sugar band wagon including... dun dun dun... soda! I gotta do it! I was excited to see your post and I am going to sign on without thinking about it. If I wait until tomorrow I will talk myself out of committing. Come what may for the 46 days... really? 46??

we chirp said...

Did you just use the commitment pattern on me, Mave? Oh boy. Well, I'm in. I've been looking for an excuse to give up sugar (inspired by you, btw).

I need a reason though. If it actually WAS part of my religious beliefs it would be a done deal. What is my motivator? Seems easy enough right now, but I am going to be at a birthday party on Sunday and I'm sure there will be some fancy sugarish stuff there.

Help me Obewan. You're my only hope.


Nicole said...

The no sweets idea is insipring to me too. I think it's my biggest weakness (among many others) so I'm jumping on the bandwagon too...
Hi, my name is Nicole, I am abstaining from sweets for the next 46 days.

Through the Looking Glass said...

Amanda here: No DIet Coke for me either. I'd add some others to my list but I'm pretty sure my husband thinks I already gave up sex for Lent years ago.

That picture looks so good I'm tempted to lick the condensation on the screen.

Scarchiba! said... it okay for me to buck the trend a little and do a do? (Not the Mountain Dew variety). I have been trying to get the motivation to start working out again and this would be perfect for me to have some accountability and some support. If I exercise for 46 days straight hopefully it will be a habit and I'll be feeling so fabulous and energized that I'll want to keep doing it. Let me know if this can count...if I need to change it to a "give up something"...could I give up being lazy?

we chirp said...

Welcome sCarchiba! (That's how we greet new comers, right?)

If the point of lent is sacrifice, you are giving up laziness, insufficient muscle mass, & cardiovascular mediocrity. You will also potentially gain the opportunity to use your husband as your punching bag. ;) Not that you would ever want to, but he may actually enjoy a good boxing match.

Go gettem girl!!!


Christy said...

Hi again - just checking to see how large our group is..looking good! We are the subject of my post today! And I love your new avatar! :-)

we chirp said...

Welcome all newbies to the Do Withouters. Scarchiba, this includes you because you are doing without muscle atrophy, right?

Here is the good thing. I find that once people know what I am doing, they want to see how it is going OR see when I am going to fail (in a nice way, right?). It is good to tell people, to get support and to sort of check yourself.

Christy, your husband sounds like a gem.

Dove, Nicole, Kiersten and Christy - I think sweets are hard. I have them all around my house because this is my thing and my family should still be able to eat M&M's, so you just have to use will power and pride. Every family gathering, every post dinner dessert - just say no and tell everyone why, some will join you others will support and others will tempt you. If you feel good about the alternative, grab some sugar-free hard candies and just suck it up. I have to be honest, I do feel better (internally, organ wise) to not have so much sugar in my system. Even better, I eat a ton more fruit now. I always have a small apple with me. And frankly, I am not a health nut AT ALL, but feel pretty good about this decision.

Scarchiba!, I love this idea. It is good to be in the habit as much as it is good to be "out" of the habit. I'm doing this with you, even if it is 20 minutes a day.

Hi, my name is Mavis and I really want a DC. It is habit and frankly, I think tonight is going to be a long one (I am taking my youngest in to get a cast on his fractured leg - why don't doctors just listen to the mother instead of waiting and waiting?) so I am not expecting much sleep and want my comfort item! But, because I have to save face, I will chew a piece of leather instead. And maybe drink some water.

Thanks ladies. How is it going for you?

Christy said...

I love this. It's 4pm (EST) and I have eaten more fruit today than in the past two (okay three) days combined. I am giving away my last box of Nips. I am not keeping anything sweet in the house - my husband is a gem (thank you, I know!), and doesn't need sweets to survive, like I thought I did. He won't miss them one bit, and if he does, well he goes to work all day so he can eat a snickers from the vending machine and I'll be none the wiser.

Also, how many days left? 45? or 44? I am going to try to find a countdown clock...hehe..

(also, can we check in daily? here? or via email? I think I might need it...sorry to be such a long commenter!)

Leslie said...

Considering giving up facebook. This would be a good thing to push me over that edge.

Dove, can we still be friends? : /

we chirp said...

Leslie, facebook? I'm liking the idea. You would have to take up texting though, or how else would you communicate with Dove? Are you going to do it?

Christy, we are low-tech here, maybe a bit simple. Check in here I think. Every few days I will do an updated post-ish dealio and we can just start more comments there. And of course, you can email me.

Who else is in? Don't be shy. You can start from today on. Or join with one week to go. We accept everyone, except chimpanzees - they don't follow through on goals so well.

Kiersten said...

Oh the humanity... I am already off to a rocky start. Read about it here -

Hope you all are doing better!

suzana said...

I'm still tryin to decide what to give up... Does sweets include milk chocolate??? Dang it! I'll have to think of something else. Facebook??? Nope, can't do it! Leslie, I'm really going to miss you!!! Maybe I could give up all drinks except water and milk (and coffee) See, I'm terrible!

K! I'm giving up all soda and will go back to drinking 3 litres of water a day! Starting now! I have been wanting to do this anyways so you all can help keep me in line.