Thursday, February 26, 2009

Feathering the nest.

Another inspiring post from Dandee

I have three weeks left of this pregnancy and the nesting phase is in full swing. I feel as if all I've been doing is organizing, decorating, rearranging, decorating, re purposing, decorating and decorating. With all of this feathering of my nest, I have spent plenty of time online hunting out the perfect products for an array of spaces in my home.

Here are a few of my favorite recent finds:

This Eames rocker from Modernica. It's perfect in so many ways and available in 16 colors! I still haven't bitten the bullet and bought one, but I want to really, really, badly.

While searching out some new toy storage solutions on I came across the Itso system. Basically, it's one of those multi cube ensembles that you can customize for any space. We bought this, two of these, and a bunch of these things for our needs. I am happy to report the toys in our home are now neatly tucked away and organized. Yay! [Tip: If you go to your local Target now through Saturday most of the Itso line is about 15% off. ]

One of the larger projects we have recently undertaken was moving our boys into one of the vacant bedrooms in the basement. I found this awesome print on Etsy by artist John W. Golden. Perfect, don't you think?


Through the Looking Glass said...

Oh, I love Golden's "By Order of the Management" series. I want all his little 8 x 8 rules framed in my dining room. That Eames rocker? Drool. Such an upgrade from the rocker/gliders of yesteryear. Excellent choices and style - this kid's pretty lucky!

jae said...

Love that series...we always say love the management in our house. However, here is the sign my 12 year old son has on his door...

Welcome. Pre-announcing your arrival helps avoid accidental gunfire and or unexpected nudity.

Christy said...

I agree - those prints are so fun. Decorating kids and babies room would be the best full-time job I could imagine!

we chirp said...

I love that chair, I need that organization system and I want every single one of Golden's management posters - I have loved them long time. Perfect.


Miss(Michelle) said...

I have the worst time trying to leave messages here. Probably my fault...but this is the 2nd time I will re-write my comment.
Love the rocker. Wish I could have found something like that...but I struggled through and made it through 5 babies with no rocker for my wide birthing hips to cuddle up in...Other rockers were just too big and homely...but this one I could have loved.
Gotta love the Itso system...I just have the how big they are and colorful..they fit into an IKEA cubby thing I have.
But don't love the sign...I have 4 girls in the house and they would rear up in revolt...hey maybe I do like the sign afterall...I could hang in on my bedroom door so the only male in the house could dear old hubby.