Monday, February 16, 2009

Music Monday - Anberlin

I have this cousin who is a decade younger than me who helps keep me in the know musically. He attended Warp Tour last summer & discovered Anberlin there. This is my favorite song off their album, Cities.

- Dove


we chirp said...

Since I never make it to a Warp Tour these days, I figure I am not missing anything. I really like this song. Is the CD 75% impressive, 30%? What?

Gale said...

Just found your blog today.....we discovered this group last year and this song is one of our family's favorites...we all have it memorized and have each picked a part so we sound GOOOOD singing it. No one I talk to has ever heard of them.

I also make that same bread recipe in the post above all the time. It is great

we chirp said...

Gale, somehow I am humored by thinking of all those angelic looking kids singing Anberlin. Not that there is anything "bad" about them, but you guys just look so darn celestial in that picture!

Glad to know other people know about these rockers. Rock on!