Thursday, March 12, 2009

How are you doing at doing without?

Our friend, Mavie Mave, suggested followers of this blog join her in the sacrificial quest of Lent. For the period of time between Ash Wednesday & Easter you have to give something up. She chose Diet Coke. I chose sugar.

I want you to know what I've said no to in the past 2 weeks.

3 layer red velvet cake

Double chocolate torte

Dozens & dozens of chewy Costco cookies

Any & all deserts at Little America's famous brunch

A divine looking carrot cake

& plenty of others. Okay, I'm going to be very honest. I did have the double chocolate torte. It was 2 days in and the baker of the torte was such a devil on my shoulder by telling me it is mostly dark chocolate, butter & eggs. Very little sugar (and absolutely heavenly). Hey, admitting you have a problem is the first step, right?

Well, ever since that night I have done very well. I've given up sugar before, but it's never stuck as well as this is. For some reason having a "reason" even if the reason is sorta bogus (I'm not Catholic after all) has given me the motivation I need to follow through (torte aside).

Then I read an article this weekend about how Catholic leaders have suggested the faithful try to give up technology for Lent this year. Texting, Facebook, something of that nature. It also went into the purpose of Lent, which (please forgive me if I'm way off) seemed to be that for this specified period of time, we sacrifice something and replace it with God or a deeper spirituality. Hmm, that got me thinking. Maybe I can look at this no sugar thing not just as a quest for better health & smaller buns, but as an opportunity to increase my spirituality. Wow, these are 2 very big birds with one stone (ew, I love birds [obviously] and I hate the image that just crept into my brain).

So now when I walk into the break room at work and see that gynormous bowl of Easter Reece's Peanut Butter Cups and my glands excrete a little saliva and I have to remind myself that I cannot partake, I will seize the opportunity and allow my heart to feel the love and reach back at that force that is always loving and reaching out to me. That will be so much better for me than sugar.

Do without shmoo without. This Lent thing rules the school.


Nicole said...

Thanks for the insight. I'll admit I've had my set backs but I'm trying to use this as a way to help myself make better choices and I think taking this to a more spiritual level can help make it more personal as well. I'll give it a try.

Christy said...

I've been mostly good...I was almost perfectly good for the first 9 or so days, then last weekend I binged, and documented it for my blog. Since then I've been better than not, but geez I'm being vague aren't I? I'm not totally doing without, because I found that caused me to binge. But I'm doing without during the week, which is hard enough, a huge improvement on my previous habits!

we chirp said...

Funny enough today I had TONS of onion rings that had TONS of grease in them and I thought I would be better to eat Dove's chocolate torte than to eat this. I think I am self medicating with grease.