Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Miss Ruby Sue Winner

How funny is this. When comments barely started rolling in for this giveaway, I left one because I just had to give props to someone else's obvservation that Lori's stuff had a Baz Lurhman feel to it and because I wanted to comment again on how rad Lori is for being so authentic, for being true to herself despite what may or not be popular. (Just in case you are wondering, yes I know that was a complete run-on sentence.)

In my comment I said "I know I'm messing with the randomness of the giveaway so we will delete this before we pick a winner." As I was about to generate the number from I deleted it, but thought, "brother, like it's really going to affect anything." Mine was the 4th comment. The number picked was 4. Phew. Glad I bothered with making sure the stats were right. Lucky number 4 is MZB.

MZB said...

Very cool stuff lori!

She said this is her favorite pick, but she gets to choose anything on Lori's site.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU LORI for your generosity in our behalf and for being such a fantastic artisan. Next time I am in Rexburg I am going to stop by your studio for the whole sensory experience (touch, smell, taste.....) ;) And I'll pick some lovelies up to adorn all us ladies in our house.

Don't forget to visit Miss Ruby Sue again and keep up with her creative genious! us at to find out how to claim your prize!!! Congratulations!

And come back Friday everyone to see the next installment of TOTALLY TUBULAR FREE STUFF!!!

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