Tuesday, March 3, 2009

You want this...

Remember Danyelle from dandee? Well, she has an etsy shop. And in that etsy shop is some pretty cool stuff. What do I love most ? Spring in a Can.

I love the bright colors and printing when I look at the prints in Penny People Designs . Their home address print is pretty nifty but I especially would love to see the Alphabet Print with my kids' names printed on it.

There is something about the clothing from red prairie press. Everything looks comfortable and unique.

Old School Stationers has absolutely gorgeous letterpressed prints. The colors, the images, everything is so... vibrant, unique and wonderful.

I am wishing these room shoes from elephant and chickpea on my feet right now! I always wear my clogs in and out of the house and as soon as it gets warm I'll just switch into my flip flops. I would put these room shoes on right when I walk in the door.


and don't forget the super awesome (if you win, you can pick whatever you want from her store!) GIVEAWAY!!! It ends tonight (or if you are picky, Wednesday morning at midnight!!!


suzana said...

Looks like I need to browse ETSY more. Cute stuff!

Christy said...

Ooh I'm going to save up my pennies to order some of those custom made ballet flats in the blue polka dot fabric from Elephant and Chickpea. Super cute - thanks for featuring such fab designers!!

we chirp said...

Here's what I love about you, Mavis. You have the patience & style-know-how to find the great stuff that is out there.

I don't.

This is why I am stoked I get to capitalize on our relationship.

Keep virtual shopping for me. I love it.

Oh, and I've had my eye on that grass. So cute. Now I have my eye on all these other items too.