Tuesday, April 14, 2009


For some reason lately I have been feeling old. I notice the fine lines or "laugh" lines that can't be smoothed over. I notice the extra baggage that still insists on riding along even after I eat well and exercise. I think I spend too much time comparing my physicality to others. We went to the park last night and fed the ducks (or mostly seagulls and geese, where are the ducks?) and a lot of people exercise in this park. I found myself watching some and being envious of their shape. I can't guarantee that I won't do this often, but I thought it was about time for some self-lovin'. Here are my top 5 things I love about my body:

1. My nose. It isn't a darling of a nose, but a lot of people I know and love have one similar and I wouldn't look the same with out it.

2. My lips. They look good with my nose. They are just the right size for me and my husband digs them.

3. My feet. They are just the right size to try on all the shoes that are set out at stores. They get me where I need to go. I like my toes.

4. My healthy heart. Almost 4 years ago I visited the E.R. 5 times in the course of 6 days and everyone was stumped at what was going on. It can be hard to diagnose a fairly fit 28 year old. Finally after I had gained nearly 30 lbs between the first and fifth visit someone finally thought "heart". I was in heart failure. It never was determined whether it was post-pregnancy related (my baby was 6 months old) or a viral induced cardiomyopathy. After 1 week in the hospital in a delirious state (I said some rather unusual things), I was released to get well at home. I cannot remember ever feeling so sick, so exhausted and so completely wrecked. It took more than 6 months to get back to 90% and be weaned off the heart meds. And it was advised that I shouldn't have more children. I told them I would, so we should keep on eye on me then. I've had one more child with no repeat craziness and plan on at least 14 more. I hope to never be that sick again.

5. My reproductive system. It gets the job done. It may have contributed to this somewhat stretched body I am now in possession of, but I can be proud of it. I may get sick, I may get chubby, I may get a little crazy but I have three healthy kids and have had three healthy pregnancies. I'm blessed.

That made me feel good. Yeah, yeah, I know it is about what is on the inside but the inside isn't looking right back at you when you are trying on your new summer clothes. I think it is good to learn to appreciate the outside too. I think everyone should try it. So either leave us a comment telling us what you love about yourself or go ahead and do a post about it and let us know. Love is good.


and don't forget the giveaway, it will help you love the outside of your house.


Christy said...

Hmm this is a hard one. (I'm so glad they discovered your heart problem before it was too late. Whew!) I'd say - 1 -my feet are pretty cute, especially when my toenails are painted. 2 - my ankles/calves part of my legs are not bad. 3 - my smile - it not only makes me feel better, I think it makes others smile too. 4 - my hair - though it's currently a mess, it's thick and dark brown and I love it - and 5) my immune system, which is on the inside, but it's damn strong and I'm so glad.

Through the Looking Glass said...

Might I add, I love that you have an 18 inch waist, that you have the thickest, most lush hair of anyone I know, and that you never need to wear concealer or foundation because you have flawless skin.

What I love about myself? Shockingly, I can now say my height. At a whisper beneath 6 feet, and I was this height by 15, it wasn't easy to navigate my teens being a foot taller than almost every boy. But by college, I noticed boys actually liked that I was tall and eventually I caught on. The advent of the "long" and "extra long" inseam changed my life; I can happily report that I now wear jeans that don't show my ankles. It took me until my twenties, but once I figured out that being different is awesome and that unique physical attributes make you beautiful, I've never wished to be anything different.

Well, okay, I do wish I could be Kelly Ripa.

we chirp said...

Love strong immune systems - that helps with the outside. Yeah, the heart deal was flukey, glad it is over.
And Amanda, I'll admit, I am quite fond of my hair, the rest is just a spell I have over you. But your long legs are envied by people far and wide.
OH, I so want to be Kelly Ripa. Her arms, her little legs, her ripped tummy. Her smile. Small crush.

Dove said...

Agreed about Mavis's 18 inch waist and voluptuous hair.

I feel like I have way more insecurities about my body than securities so this is a good exercise for me.

1. my eyes. they are a cool shade of green.

2. my legs from my knees down.

3. my hair

4. my lips

5. my hands. i've oft wished they were smaller & more graceful, but i've really learned to love them and mostly i'm grateful for them.

6. this should be #1 if these were ranked. my mind. sometimes it is slower than i wish and sometimes it is scattered, but i am very confident in the thinking process my brain uses.

you're right. kelly is hot, but mostly i want to be her to sleep by mr. consuelos (sp?) every night...