Monday, April 6, 2009

Let's revisit the universe

A while back I wrote this post. Probably very few of you read it because it was one of the first posts I slapped down on this here weblog. Well, I'd like to do a little follow up on it.

We've all heard of The Secret. Some of us believe it, some think it's the hoakiest idea ever. I happen to think it's a little hoaky AND I also think it can be an extremely powerful tool. (That was so contradictory to the whole concept behind The Secret). Well, I just want to share a few thoughts about it.

Do you know those people who think everyone is trying to screw them? And they always get screwed? Or people who think everyone hates them and frankly they can be fairly difficult to like? Is it possible that their thoughts become self-fulfilling prophecies? The theory is that our thoughts and beliefs become our actions and our actions become our reality.

The flip side to this is that we can use the same concept to create a really amazing reality. Want people to like you? Like yourself. Start thinking you are cool & likeable and other people will start to follow suit. I wish I had the confidence in this idea to tell you you can will yourself rich/skinny/what-have-you, but I can't quite yet. I can, however, say that I know 2 extremely successful people who live and breathe by this concept and it seems to contribute to their success. Whatever they want to happen in their lives, they exert the right mental energy towards it and they end up attaining it. Really. I observe it all the time. It's pretty freaking cool to watch. I find myself starting to adapt to their nutty ways and I'm discovering the power in it.

What vibes do you emit? What energy do you put out there for other people to pick up? Do you think this idea works or do you think it's a bunch of garbage? Chirp it up, give me some feedback por favor!



♥ Lindsay ♥ said...

Interesting topic. I have yet to read the much talked about book "The Secret", so I can't comment on the specific content. However,it just seems like common sense to me. If you want something and you are pretty positive you should/can achieve/obtain it, then you are going to do everything in your power to reach that goal and consequently have a much higher success rate then say someone who doesn't believe they could ever achieve, and sits back hoping to have their dreams handed to them. Notice how misery loves company?

Christy said...

Ooh I liked the original post and I like this one too.

I am a self-professed self help book hater and non-believer. I do however, believe in the power of thoughts, and mental Olympic athletes all say they do. I try to be positive and imagine postive things happening all the time, but lately life has been a bit harder than normal - (or is this the new normal, god help me) - so I need to follow my own advice and think positively. Argh.

mavis said...

I'm the Secret's worst nightmare, or my own I guess. I think you (and the secret/universal message) are right. Nothing is going to go right if I am always thinking it will go wrong. I am my own worst enemy but I swear sometimes I need a huge SLAP to help me remember.

Christy, I am also a self help book hater - I don't need to feel any less adequate or find out how I am doing something wrong or right from a book, in most cases (ugh, now do you see? my self defeating attitude?) but do think that positive thought produces positive results. I need to take this more to heart and be more mindful.

Thanks Dovey!

katie t said...

loved both of these posts!

i agree with you 100%! when you act and then believe that you've got it all together, others believe it too! i've seen this concept work in numerous lives.

when you concentrate on the negative...that's all that you see but when you concentrate on the seems like it couldn't get any better and then it continuously does.

it's all in the perception of how you see things :)

try'll see!