Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sunshine in my soul today

Mavis challenged me to do an Etsy post. I'm sooo not etsyfied. I like Etsy. I love the concept. I like looking at other people's Etsy finds (Mavis, when you gonna show off that super cute purse purchase you made?), but I have neither time nor patience to sift through all the offerings to find the articles that speak to me.

I took the challenge, however, and lived to tell about it. I found myself overwhelmed looking through everything, so I decided to choose a theme. The sun has been a very powerful symbol in my life and I've been on a hunt for the perfect sunshine to hang on my wall for years to remind me to be warm and glowy and happy and to make people tan (huh?). I didn't find it today, but I did find various other items that were great. Here they are.

I love this oil painting. So happy and simple, exactly the way I want my life to be.

Can these please dangle from my lobes?

I'm a sucker for blown glass. I'm a sucker for Dale Chihuly. Until I can afford one of his chandeliers in my house, I'll settle for this bowl.

I love sporting happy little t's like this in the summer. Plus, I love this excerpt from the item description: "This design is a reminder to be strong and keep climbing up toward the sky."

And finally, this super duper purse. Note: I'm so sad, by the time this post published this bag was MIA. I can't find neither hide nor hair of it. :( I'm leaving it though because it makes me happy to look at. If you can find it please tell us where. I searched Etsy for "soleil" to find it originally (soleil = sun in French).

Good day, sunshine!!


Christy said...

Very fun stuff. I am not a good etsy'er either. I buy stuff there only when I see it on someone else's blog and must have it. Like a handmade stuffed animal I just bought my daughter last night. It's going to be flying to our house from Australia! How cool is that.

I love blown glass too and those earrings are gorgeous, darling!

mavis said...

Wow, you are a natural. I love that bag. Nice work. Another day, another song in my head.

Kate said...

Hi, thanks for showing my tee. That illustration was one I came up with during my ritual of morning drawings. It is a time when I just let the pens flow. Oftentimes I am happily surprised with the outcome.

Through the Looking Glass said...

Oh, that purse is dreamy.

suzan said...

I like your style! LOVE the oil painting, so colorful!!!

paperwhite said...

I love Chihuly!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for using my painting in your blog. I'm glad it makes you happy!