Tuesday, March 31, 2009

5 for Tuesday

The husband and I are celebrating our 10th anniversary today (yay!), but got away this past weekend for a little road trip. We had a lot of fun on the drive there just kind of catching up. And playing my favorite car game "Name That Tune and Artist". Maybe it is just my favorite because I can beat him 10 to 1. And maybe it is the most annoying game on the interstate to him. All I usually need is 5 beats and I can blurt out the artist and title. Dave, not so much.

On the way home I asked him what his top five essentials for a road trip are. Parameters: it is a road trip without kids, with his lovely wife.

1. Bottle Caps or Chewy Sprees
2. satellite radio
3. beef jerky (and a gas mask for me)
4. good drinks
5. clothing optional

1. People Magazine or some other read that doesn't need total immersion (I have to be able to not have to be engrossed in it, reading in the car makes me queasy)
2. sunflower seeds
3. crossword puzzles (one from USA Today kept us quite enthralled for a while)
4. Diet Cokes (sorely missing from this year's trip, thanks to this )
5. Sunglasses

I know, we are simple people. Dave and I also agreed that a good book on cd is great for a trip, but I found this trip was fun just talking and musing. I wowed him with my music knowledge, People taught him about Molly and Jason, I learned that he still likes curvy women (like Jessica Simpson, I told him that he would like Scarlett Johansen but he has no idea who she is), we talked about the kids some but actually got to talk a lot about other things - it was fantastic. Do you know what else would be cool? A mini bike pedaling machine so my legs don't get all jumpy and achy and I can leisurely stroll while we drive along. Do your legs get achy after sitting that long?

What are your top 5 essentials for a road trip sans kiddos?

I think this would kind of be a fun weekly installment, what do you think? 5 for Tuesdays? Want to see more? Any ideas for what our next top 5 should be? Want to join in? If you want to join in, leave us a comment with your blog address so we can check out you fab 5's.



Christy said...

USA Today crossword puzzles, diet pepsi and water, a good book, cds that we can along to, lots o snacks.

AND - Happy Anniversary! 10 years is fab! We've got our five year next weekend. :)

I love lists. Keep these posts coming!

Dove said...

all i need is some music & good conversation. snacks are a real double edged sword for me. they are so delightful in my mouth and so dreadful on my buns. i usually end up with some pretzles or crackers & a water. i'm lame.

Through the Looking Glass said...

Definitely magazines - I get a stack ranging from Star to O Magazine, a huge thing of water (though I need a fountain Diet Coke also), I bring fruit, nuts, etc. in an effort to be healthy but then make B give me bites of his Twixes whenever we stop at convenient stores. I must always wear my knit separates - never jeans, and I need something to rest my head on because I"m a nervous car sleeper.


Hapy 10th, darlin'. I love you to pieces and think We Chirp is as delightful and lovely as you. Oh, and "hi" Dave. I like you too.