Thursday, April 16, 2009

You Want This...

I love Etsy. Did you know that? Can you tell? I love getting packages in the mail from Etsy artists.

Today I got this stamp. My cousin is getting married soon and it has a bee/hive theme and my aunt wanted to find a bee stamp to put on the favors. Enter Blossom Stamps. She didn't have one available in her shop but I convo'd her and she made one up just for us. And she made me a perfect return address stamp - it has a bird on it.

Tonight while I was looking somehow I came across this honey bee necklace. Made by wearthou (wear art thou. clever, right?), I just stared at her jewelry for some time. There are too many to mention but I could want this, this, or this and of course I love this because I love hearts.

Find myself thinking of bees because they remind me of flowers and since there is snow on my lawn I'm wishing for flowers. and bees. I found soap made from sweet honey and other yummy things, including cocoa. I bet it smells and feels fantastic. I love handcrafted soaps, I'm glad I found Alchemic Muse.

And what are honey bee's without honey? And did you know that there are new studies that show that helps with sinus issues (good news for when all that pollen is in the air) and because honey is so, so good, I found Caruso's Honey Co. Their honey is from the Pacific Northwest and looks tasty. They have different flavors, have a look.


Christy said...

Very cute finds. I love that jewelry shop...mother's day is coming right up - my first! I think I deserve a necklace. :)

Nicole said...

I looked around and loved the jewelry at wearthou, also. Great finds, thanks for sharing.