Thursday, April 16, 2009

Aren't we all winners?

Remember back when Dove showed us what she loves on Etsy? Remember these earrings?

Well the lovely artisan from stella + lux is offering all and only we chirp readers a generous 15% discount on all items in her shop today, Friday the 17th, through Monday the 20th. What great timing for a Mother's Day treat. Either for yourself, or your mother, or your husband's mother. Or your best friend. Or me, Mavis. And you all know what Dove likes, just in case you are shopping for her.
Here's the skinny: Go here. Have a look around. After you have added 30 of your favorite items from her shop (or just one item, I just can't narrow it down - all too pretty), you can view your shopping cart. From there you do a final review and then you come to a page with a big "commit to buy" button.
Right above that you have a "message to the seller" box. In that box, tell lovely Niki that you are a we chirp reader and she is wonderful (really, just the part about the we chirp reader is necessary, but come on, she is wonderful so let her know) and hit the "commit to buy" button.

Stop there. Do not go to your paypal account. Niki will get back to you, via your etsy account, with an updated invoice that shows the 15% off. From there you can pay with your paypal account and look forward to something special coming in the mail soon. I hope I explained it well enough. You are also welcome to "convo" Niki. On the right hand side of all Etsy shops there is a contact _____ link, use it if you are confused by this or have any questions.

I love that she is doing this for we chirp. I hate just choosing one winner and think that is one happy way to head off into the weekend, don't you agree?


Christy said...

You just made my day! Those earrings you featured before and then again today - the sunbursts? They're mine, baby, mine. Woo-hoo. She's wonderful, and so are you gals!

suzan said...

Beautiful!!! I will check it out! Thanks :)

Jessie said...

Thanks for taking the time to enter in my photography give-away!