Thursday, May 14, 2009

How To Be Beautiful

(no this isn't a discourse on being beautiful on the inside - totally appealing to your shallow side here)


Really. Besides health factors (melanoma is LAME!!), it will age you, wrinkle you, blotch you.

I (Dove) used to work in a skin care clinic. I don't have any cool credentials, but I did spent loads of time observing/learning about skin & getting to know products.

Let me tell you some things about sunscreen. There was a day when I thought I was good about sunscreen because I would use a moisturizer or foundation that had SPF in it. If you've ever read your sunscreen bottle, you know that it is supposed to be reapplied every 2 hours. Yes, that's right. If you use a liquid sunscreen you are only covered for a few hours. Like anyone is going to reapply it after their makeup is already on. But you MUST be covered if you ever emerge out of doors.

What are the alternatives? Here goes a major plug for mineral makeup. Not ALL mineral makeup, however...there are a select few lines that deserve any accolades and I can only speak for one of them.

1. These are Colorescience Sunforgettable sunscreen brushes. They dispense sunscreen in a mineral formulation. Yes, it's powder & you brush it on your skin & it works MIRACULOUSLY! No lie. And get's waterproof. It comes off with soap & water, but if you were to just swim in it you would be totally covered (providing you applied it correctly). If you were here I would give you a demo and prove to you that water just beads off of it. Plus, it's all natural (no chemicals for your bloodstream to absorb, no perfumes, no dyes). Colorescience seriously rocks the Kasbah!! Do some research - you'll be amazed.

That is step one to having beautiful skin & keeping it beautiful into your more "mature" years. It's best to have been covered since day one on planet Earth, but it's never too late to start.

2. Don't tan. I NEVER get in a tanning bed anymore, but I also limit my hours in the sun and have forgone laying out forever. Who has time for that anyway? I use a great sunless tanner (St. Tropez) & get a months worth of pigment in 10 minutes, all-the-while saving my skin from cancer & wrinkles.

If you want to hear more about Colorescience, click here. I wish my mom (owner of the forementioned skin care clinic) had an online shop for you to purchase these products from, but if you happen to be in southeast Idaho, you can fer sher go in & get more information. They also do free makeovers...raddest makeup on the globe. Visit their cute little blog at

I'm out of touch with society. Do you still tan? Are people concerned with sun protection? Do dish. And please - wear sunscreen.



Heather said...

I am headed to the I to the D to the HO for Memorial Day... where's the clinic?

Dove said...

Hez - it's in Rexburg Medical Center...right by MHS.

M-A-D-I-S-O-N clap. You know you know it!

Kellie and Justin said...

I have the Colorescience sunscreen and LOVE IT!! Also, I am 33 and just spent loads of money on correcting my sun damaged skin- incurable melasma that can be lightened with a laser but never goes away. I tan easily and spent years in the sun without a thought to using sunscreen. I learned my lesson with my first baby- a combo of sun and hormones caused my melasma to strike and now i will need to wear a hat, sunscreen, and lightening agents for the rest of my life! SAVe your skin ladies!!

Dove said...

Thank you for your confession & encouragement Kellie. The thing is that there is often sun damage that can't be seen (except under a Woods lamp - oh you'll be horrified!), but will eventually make it's way up to the surface and make you blotchy.

Kellie - are you aware of the Obagi skin care line? It might help you.

Julianna said...

I use to tan. I burned myself REALLY bad a few years ago and now I'm scared to death of tanning. Probably a good thing.

I love my mineral makeup with SPF. I also love my SPF lip balms.

Christy said...

I wear sunscreen, sunglass, a hat and a long sleeve zip up coverup everytime at the pool or the beach all summer long. Which, luckily for me, is all the time. But my skin just tans naturally -- even though I wear 45 - because I'm in the water A LOT. I might try this out if I can order it online?

Mitch and Lacey said...

I LOVE Colorscience products! I tan really easily and never gave a thought to sun damage. (I'm 1/4 Panamanian, thus the quick-tanning skin.) But now that I understand the risk I wish I would have been better about wearing sunscreen as a kid. My mom never really made me, she tans easily too, so she never worried about it. My kids are going to be raised differently in that regard, however.

mavis said...

Dovie, when you commented on my golden glow I was afraid to tell you it was a bottle glow - I didn't want to lose my street cred with our California friend. But can a girl help it if the sun just wants to kiss her every once in a while?

Kate said...

I live on Maui, and everyone who lives here is a sun-worshipper, I swear. It's almost impossible to avoid re sun everyday. Oh, and I LOVE to lay out and soak it up! I LOVE being hot! We go through loads of sunscreen but you're gonna have to hook me up with the face powder-it sounds perfect! I've seen the goodness of the obagi system, hairdresser started it a year ago so I see her progress every few months. I will get a head start on it when I can afford it!

Heather said...

thanks Dovelicious, perhaps I will swing by.

Riley said...

Thank you so much for posting this! I've been searching for a good sunblock product that I'd actually wear on my face! (Now please convince R.J., as he has a freakish thing about not getting enough vitamin D when you use sunblock... thus our kids are always getting mixed messages!)