Friday, May 15, 2009

Most Likely to Not Use Sunscreen

If you wanted, you could give this award out at your next get together (sorry Dove, I'm getting better! see previous post). Or "World's Greatest Teacher". There are many options for ready made certificates of achievement, and you don't even have to leave your computer.

My friend and her husband have a new site, still in the Beta mode so kinks are being worked out, called gocertificate. This site has many different awards that you can personalize and print yourself to give away at your heart's content. You can make one for any occasion (within reason), in fact, Darrin told me of a "World's Worse Boss" certificate just created. Glad I wasn't given that one! Here, I made one for you guys:
And boy howdy, do I mean it!!! I had to be quick about it tonight, but think of all the options. Create one for each of your children's teacher to go with their end of year gifts. Was your son really nice to his sib tonight? He deserves a certificate. Husband eat all his broccoli? Certificate calling his name. Neighbor's lawn look lovely? Let them know. Friend beating herself up over watching too much of The Hill's? There is a certificate that will cheer her right up. Did you make dinner 3 nights in a row? Print yourself off a certificate and stick it on the fridge!

So here is our Friday giveaway. gocertificate. A nifty site that each of your are winning, with endless possibilities. Did I mention it is free? What are you going to come up with?


Christy said...

I'm making them for Fiona's cousins right now. World's best oldest boy cousin and World's best youngest boy cousin. We're going to a mini family reunion tomorrow and I'll present them to them there. They'll love them, I'm sure!

Also, I am doing an etsy post today, and I of course featured my fabulous welcome plaque and those stella and lux earrings. :-)

dove said...

can i get a certificate for most amazing pizza handler?

Christy said...

I must be a moron because after a few at least 30... I couldn't figure out how to make a certificate so I moved on and gave up.

Dove - So glad you liked those sayings on my blog too. You should order one! Or contact them to see if they'll pony one up for a giveaway on this here blog!

Prosecco is Italian sparkling wine. Lighter than champagne, and no hangovers. We went to Rome a few years ago... where I had prosecco and gelato daily, and have been in love with both ever since!

AND I've just decided to participate in a sprint triathlon next year. If you knew me, and knew my utter lack of athletic ability (with the exception of swimming, which will be handy!) you'd think that was remarkable too. :-)

Whit - We're having houseguests in two weeks...I know they will love that welcome sign as much as we do. It's in our guest room and looks fabulous! Thank you again!