Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Top 5 - workout

So I was speaking with my friend Tracy (you might remember her from here) and asked to her to tell me her 5 must haves for fitness. I personally like fitnessmagazine.com (you can sign up for free). They have a lot of great videos to show you what you are supposed to be doing and give you great ideas for new fitness routines. Here are Tracy's top five.

1. An exercise/stability ball. Great for core fitness, balance, stretching and any time you increase your instability you are using loads more core musculature and different kinds of muscle fiber to compensate - stronger, faster. Here are some exercises you can do with it, from Good Housekeeping of all places. Keep in mind that they come in several different sizes so be sure to make sure you have the right one for you.

2. Resistance band can be used for toning and stretching. It is great to throw in your suitcase when you travel. I use mine a lot to stretch out my hamstrings. There are several types - the tubular kind and the stretchy ribbon-y looking ones (see how technical I am?). Here is some information on how to choose the band for you.

3. Yoga mats- use it in yoga and pilates classes and for you exercise vids you do at home. Mats also travel well, so you can take them with you on business/pleasure trips. Mat shown found here.

4. iPod. Do you really need an explanation? Music to calm, music to move. Music is crucial to workout happiness for me. And podcasts. My favorites that have me laughing outloud are the Lost Podcast or NPR's Wait Wait.

5. Sports bra. Even if you have a less than ample bust line, you still need support. Tracy likes lululemon and Athleta. I personally think all workout clothing should be as beautiful as Athleta, or maybe I wish I had that body that all Athleta wearing models have, but I'll get there, right? I know a girlfriend of mine who has some bazumbas really like sports bras from Road Runner.

What are your must haves for workout nirvana? And speaking of iPods, what is your workout music? I need more songs to add to my playlists.

~mavis (with some major help from Tracy!)


katie t said...

i live and die by the exercise ball workouts! they work great!

and iPod music? i just put up a post about my list a few posts ago so go and check it out. and yes. it is random....just like me!


suzan said...

I think you nailed it!!!
I love to use the fitness ball in conjuction with weights. It's awesome! Cute yoga Mat! Now I feel like I need a new one although my plain red one works just fine.
I use a great calorie count and nutrition website. http://caloriecount.about.com I have found it to be a great tool.

Through the Looking Glass said...

Great ideas - I really need a good bra that keeps all my nipples pointing the same direction. Damn post-nursing breasts!

I would love to see some really good ipod playlists for working out. I actually have three of the songs from Rocky on mine that I listen to during those last few miles when I want to quit. Totally inspiring.

Dove said...

Music - you know I don't have to have super upbeat tempo J.T. type stuff. Just any music that s me or makes me burnin stoked to be alive gets me moving.

Athleta - when the catalog arrives in my mailbox I walk straight to the garbage and dispose of it. The clothes in it are waaaay too cute for my meager budget and the models in it are waaaaay too fit. I end up coveting every stinking thing in there and we all know it's a sin to covet.