Monday, June 22, 2009

Window Shopping

I love to window shop. No, I love to shop, but window shopping is fun because, frankly, I can't fit it all in my house.

I sooo want a bee skep. My neighbor has one and my eyes just look and look. Enter Farmhouse Wares. Although I am not a country style gal but am an admirer of some country looking things. And every so often I even want to live on a farm. With a lot of farm help.

I love this chair from inmod. I want to sit in it and move it from room to room.

At some point I want my own nook. I want legroom, I want organized storage space (that I can't un-organize!), I want a large basin for cleaning paint brushes, stained clothing, and in one corner a lovely, little correspondence desk. I love this one I found at Maine Cottage.

The forecast is looking up. We have had fantastic cloud formations that have given us plenty of moisture but I am ready for the warm sun on my face. The kids love to be outside and I am always looking for games that are outdoor and kid friendly. I think I found it at Lee Valley.

enough lusting for now.


Christy said...

I hate bees so I would never in a million years want to raise them. And I know I'm in the TOTAL minority on that chair - but I can't stand it. The desk, and a nook, oh how I would love both of those! And that toy looks cool.

It is STILL raining here. It's been raining for WEEKS. Supposed to dry out by Thursday?! WAH!

Nicole said...

There are so many things that I want that window shopping is really the only way to go for me. If I actually purchased most of the stuff I wanted I think my house would be over taken.

mavis said...

Christy, I don't think these skeps actually house bees - or I hope not. My friend's doesn't.

Nicole, we are so eco-friendly with our window shopping. No fuel expended, no emissions, no packaging waste. Look how much we are doing for our environment!

Through the Looking Glass said...

Love the Eames chair, love the desk and love the idea of a nook. There aren't enough crannies in my house to house a nook, so I'll enjoy yours.

Christy said...

OOOHHHHH that is too funny! I thought it was a real bee 'house'! HAHA!

Erin said...

Love the chair and desk. Mostly I love to shop and dream of how things would fit in my home. I also love coming to the conclusion that while I love the Eames chair, it doesn't really fit the decor in my house and I don't think I want all Eames chairs and retro/modern decor to match. It sure is fun to dream though!