Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I swear we are not celebrity whores...

...though you might think so because we have made lots of references to popular media in the last little while. Well, here's another.

I saw Julie & Julia last weekend and loved it. Holy moly Meryl Streep nailed Julia Child & her odd idiosyncrasies amazingly. I don't really care for Meryl, but she really hit the ball out of the park in this movie.

But what I'm really excited for is The Time Traveler's Wife. Ohhh this is so one of my favorite books. I decided I want to read it again (3rd time) before the movie comes out this weekend. I am fascinated by how the author (Audree Niffinegger) came up with the story and the complexity with which it is unfolded. I pray they did a good job with the film and it's not a let down.

And don't you just love Rachie McAdams? And wasn't it so disappointing when she & Ryan Gossling split?

And finally some Josh Ritter. No, not the Ritter of 3's Company fame. This is Joshua. He is a singer. From Idaho. What could be better? Seriously.

I've been listening to Josh for just a few months. I've enjoyed his music, but after seeing him in concert recently I really love him. Watch this and you will see why. Make sure to note that he doesn't stop smiling. Ever. He had an ear to ear grin the entire show. If only I loved my job as much as he loves his!

I, um, kinda developed the biggest crush on him. I was thinking how much fun it would be if he was singing these words to me: "I'm a good man for ya" in a way as to convince me to fall in love with him. "Okay, fine Joshie. Go ahead and be a good man for me...see if you can prove to me that you are worth my time."


:) If you like him check out some other good tunes. I like The Temptation of Adam, Kathleen, and Girl in the War.

Love, Dove Ritter.


tamiz said...

Hey, I stumbled on your blog from Brigit Robinson's blog. I went to Jr. and Sr. High with Josh. We called him Ritter though, HA! So crazy how famous he's getting. Love it!

tamiz said...

I'm sure an LDS girl is just what he's looking for ;) I actually haven't spoken to him since graduation so sadly I probably can't hook you up. He is a super great guy though!

jen said...

What??? I almost spit out my milk when I read you don't like Meryl Streep? Oh Dove, dove, dove...what is NOT to love? Never mind. Don't tell me. I want to hear no negativity about Streep. Ever.

You did redeem yourself by saying you liked her in this movie. That's a good start.....

I bet Ritter loves her.

MZB said...

I heard TIme Travelers Wife is good a movie if you haven't read the book. Yikes, loved the book too..